Viral: Making Of Salted Green Matar Shocks Netizens
Image Credit: _heresmyfood/Instagram

We all love munching, isn’t it? Some snacks are absolute love. Not just can these snacks become our travel-buddy, but they can also satisfy our midday cravings. There is no dearth of snacks in India. From spiced peanuts to salted moong dal, there are some snacks that are quite popular. Among the most commonly consumed snacks in India, is salted green peas or salted green matar. But have you ever wondered how this popular is made? The making process of this snack may not disappoint you. 

Recently, a video showing the making of this popular snack was shared by a food blog page on Instagram. In no time, the video went viral on social media and the netizens were definitely not impressed. Not just are people disappointed, but they are forced to rethink if they are eating the right thing. In the video, fried chickpeas were dipped in artificial colouring and then transformed into the snack we loved eating. Besides, least attention was paid to hygiene standards. 

The clip was captioned as “120 kg salted green matar making.”. The video begins with a man, in Assam, removing soaked chickpeas from a tank-like container and the water in that container, was filthy and unclean. The next step showed the man sprinkling powdered artificial colour on the chickpeas and mixing it using his bare hands. Thereafter, the coloured chickpeas are transferred into a bucket-like container. The next frame shows the man spreading coloured chickpeas on a plastic sheet placed on the ground possible to make the colour darker. 

                            Image credits: _heresmyfood/Instagram

In the end, the man does centrifugation of the peas in order to remove excess oil. This video got over 10 million views in just a few hours and people are forced to rethink their eating choices. A lot of people claimed that they always thought that the peas were naturally green but now, they are shocked. While a user commented, "My entire childhood is ruined now. I always believed that these peas were naturally green.”, another said “I got to stop eating this also?? Yaar kuch toh chood do jisme color na ho”.  

A user commented, “The downside is that they add food colouring to it. The upside is that they centrifuge the excess oil from the fried matar”. Another user reacted, “Never eating this again”. What do you think about it?? Do let us know!