Viral: Make Your Evenings Memorable With Crispy Potato Lollipop
Image Credit: Foods and Flavors/YouTube

Potato holds a special significance not only in Indian but also in international cuisine. Owing to its taste and texture, the beloved “spud” finds application in a plethora of foods, from the most high-profile avant-garde dishes to the humblest homemade concoctions. The potato’s popularity stems from the fact that it is relatively easy to work with and pairs well with a host of other foods. For instance, in India alone the potato is used in wholesome and intricate gravies served in fancy restaurants as well street foods, such as ragda pattice and bhel puri.

Being a no-fuss and hassle-free ingredient, potato snacks and dishes are relatively easy to whip up at short notice for evening parties and get-togethers. One such tried and tested potato-based creation is the delectable potato lollipop. A twist on the timeless chicken lollipop, the potato lollipop is the brainchild of a brilliant home chef named Shilpi. Shilpi first uploaded her recipe on her YouTube channel titled Foods and Flavors, which currently boasts 1.72 million subscribers, some 7 years ago.

Since then, the video has amassed an impressive 9 million views and over 2,500 comments. The reception to Shilpi’s potato lollipop dish is overwhelmingly positive, with commenters lauding the simplicity and unique taste of the food. Commenters also unanimously agree that the potato lollipop dish is great for parties and is widely savoured by guests of all age groups, including children. So, what exactly does this viral video comprise? Read on to find out.

In the video, Shilpi assembles the different elements of her dish and then combines them to create her masterpiece. To start off, she prepares the potato dough by blending boiled and grated potatoes with chopped onions, chopped coriander leaves, and breadcrumbs. She seasons the mixture with red chilli powder, coriander powder, ginger garlic paste, amchur powder, and salt. Once the dough is prepared, she creates a simple all-purpose flour and water mixture. Lastly, she mixes breadcrumbs with Italian herbs and chilli flakes. This is the third and final element of the dish.

Once all the elements have been prepared, Shilpi smartly demonstrates the cooking of the lollipops. She greases her hands with oil and divides the potato dough into tiny ball shapes. She dunks these potato balls into the all-purpose flour mixture and rolls them in the breadcrumbs. Subsequently, she heats oil in a pan, and drops the balls into the pan of boiling oil for frying. She allows the balls to fry till they take on a lovely brown colour. She then adds the finishing touch to the lollipops by attaching them to long toothpicks and arranging them on a plate.

Shilpi also opts for a mayonnaise and yoghurt dip to complement the lollipops. You can create whatever dip you desire as the lollipops go with different foods and flavour profiles. So, what are you waiting for? Create your very own potato lollipops and see if they turn out as good as Shilpi’s!