Viral Lassi Made Of Rabri Is Making Internet Slurp

A tall glass of lassi, thick enough to make a spoon stand erect holds a pride of place in Punjabi cuisine. The diet of rural Punjab is robust with energy-boosting foods, right from the mineral-rich makki ki roti and sarso da saag to the warming pinnis. Even Lassi, as a thick and luscious beverage, was supposed to double as an energy drink, replete with protein for the farming community that worked all day in the fields or the wrestlers who needed to build muscles. This is one of the reasons why, a thinner, watered-down Lassi is almost always looked down upon. The thicker it is, the better. That is the rule when it comes to Lassi.  

Lassi is made by churning yoghurt vigorously with sugar or gur or additional flavourings like Roohafza. Other fruits like Mango and even avocado can be used to flavour the beverage, but the classic Lassi is just blended yoghurt with sugar. A recent video that is going viral on YouTube shows a Lucknow man combine the goodness of Rabri and yoghurt in one glass of Lassi and the internet cannot stop drooling. And we are not even surprised.

The viral video was posted by YouTuber Foodie Incarnate and within 2 days of going up, the video has received close to 600k views. In the video, one can see a man add heaps of yoghurt in a mixer followed by sugar. Next to go in the Lassi maker is milk. That’s right, the lassi is made by blending milk, yoghurt and sugar together and it doesn’t end here. Once he churns the lassi, he pulls out a tray full of thick rabri. For the unversed, rabri is a thick, sweet, milky liquid made of condensed milk. Rabri keeps getting thicker and delicious with time, almost attaining a semi-solid consistency. The man scoops out the rabri from  his tray and props it on top of glass full of Lassis. He further tops the lassi with chunky nuts and dry fruits. Slurping much? You are not alone.  

“Wow tasty nice lassi”, wrote a user. A user also found the Lassi to e similar to that of Lingaraj Lassi of Bhubaneshwar, “Try Lingaraj Lassi at Bhubhaneshwar, you will also get rabri wali Lassi there”, the user wrote.

What do you think of the loaded Lassi? Do let us know.