Momos are inarguably one of the most popular street food items across the country now. The Tibetan snack which is essentially a steamed or fried dumpling served with hot chutney has been reimagined in various avatars. From cheese momos to chocolate momos, the options are varied, bizarre and endless. In Delhi, where the craze of momos only seems to multiply every day, the Tibetan treat was given a Tandoori spin with Tandoori momos, recently, we also came across the ‘Jumbo Momo’, where a West Delhi joint tried to combine 10 momos in one. And now it’s the Kulhad Momos that has raided our feeds and we aren’t complaining. After watching viral videos of chilli ice cream and paan brownie, this sure appears to be a slightly more palatable option in our fair opinion. 

The Return of Kulhad In The Street Food Scene

For the uninitiated, Kulhad is an earthen pot that is about the size of a small glass. It is traditionally used to serve tea, in Bengal, Kulhads are also used to serve Mishti Doi or Sweet Curd. With the advent of new vessels and glassware, we thought Kullhads were getting obsolete, but on the contrary, many restaurants and food joints have started repurposing it and how. Not only are Kullhads abound with nostalgia, but they are also environment-friendly. 

The K-Craze: From Kulhhad Pizzas To Kullhad Momos

Very recently, we heard about Kulhad Pizzas, where pizzas were being baked and served in Kulhad, and now it is time for Kulhad momos to grab all the attention. The video posted by food blogger @paidaishi_foodie on Instagram has garnered over 1.6 million views and 88k likes so far. And any guess as to where you can find these momos? You guessed it, they are a Delhi creation again, and you can have them at Rabbit Lee café in Krishna Nagar.  

The video that is going viral on Instagram, shows a street food vendor who makes a hot mix of capsicum, corns, onions, sauces and seasoning. Then he adds the momos to this mix and tosses it nicely until the momos and the masalas are nicely mixed. He further places these momos in the kulhad and garnishes it with loads of freshly grated cheese and bakes it. Upon digging inside the kulhad you find melted cheese with momos and it sure looks very appetizing to us. But the same can’t be said for a bunch of users who didn’t seem quite kicked about the idea. “What a stupid concept. Har cheez hi kulhad me dal dete ho”, wrote a miffed user, who pointed out how in a bid to be ‘quirky’, street food joint owners are putting Kulhads everywhere. “Yrr pehle acha khasa momo khata tha pta nii ab kya kya kar raha hai momo ke saath (I used to love eating simple momos, what are they doing with it now), wrote another.

What do you think about this amusing treat? Have a look at the video below. 

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