Viral: Ketchup-Flavoured Ice Cream Makes The Internet Cringe
Image Credit: Image: Shutterstock/Instagram

Anyone with a sweet tooth will not be able to say no to a scoop of ice cream, isn’t it? This cold, creamy delight is one dessert that people across age groups love to indulge in. The only confusion is when we have to decide on what flavour of ice cream we want to enjoy. While we love the classics - like vanilla and chocolate - our heart always wants to try out something new. 

In recent times, we’ve seen many bizarre experiments being done with this well-loved dessert. Remember Ice Cream Dhokla, Momos Ice Cream, Maggi Ice Cream, and whatnot? Well, these flavours do exist. Whether we like it or not, it seems like there’s no stopping these experiments, as now we have another such ice cream making people cringe on the internet. In a video that is going viral, we can see a Ketchup-flavoured Ice Cream that doesn't look appetising at all.  

In the clip, uploaded on Instagram by @kyleistook, we see a man preparing ice cream from scratch. He starts by whisking milk and sugar, and adds tomato ketchup to it, mixes well and pours the combination into the ice cream maker. If that’s not enough, he later adds more ketchup while the ice cream churns. 

Once the ice cream is ready, he drizzles more tomato ketchup on top of it, just like how one would pour some chocolate sauce on ice cream. Finally, when the man tried the ice cream, his expression of disapproval explained it all. He obviously did not like the taste. Take a look:

The video now has over 3.1 million views and 46k likes with many comments from foodies, who were not happy to see this Ketchup-flavoured Ice Cream. Just looking at the amount of ketchup used in the ice cream made people feel uneasy. Here are some of the reactions of people about this bizarre ice cream: 

"It's not good? It's not gooooddd? You needed to experiment and actually try it out to find out KETCHUP ICE CREAM is not going to be good? (*sic*)". 

“You wasted the ingredients”. 

“I’m confused, did he think it would be good”. 

"I am very disturbed". 

"I just want to cry right now (*sic*)". 

"This will make you sick". 

"At least he had the humanity to label it "ketchup ice cream" so no one eats it accidentally".