Pizza With Ice Cream Is The Latest Horror Story On Internet
Image Credit: Shutterstock | Representational image

Pizzas have become comfort food for many young Indians today. They come in all shapes and sizes, and no not all of them are from Italy. We are now well versed with pizzas from U.S, a lot of which look different, feel different. The Hawaiian Pizza, for instance, can still divide the room in two. Ones who love those bits of grilled pineapple on their pizza, some abhor the very idea. But this debate is passe now, for we have a bigger crisis in hand. Vanilla ice cream on pizza!  

Yes, you read that right. Every second day you find the most bizarre food combination on the Internet, and just when you begin to think that it doesn’t get any worse, a whole new level of absurdity unlocks. Pizza, for the unversed, is a snack made with leavened, flat bread that is typically covered with cheese, sauce, veggies, meat or herbs. It is pretty complete and wholesome on its own, and nowhere do you see room for a whole scoop of vanilla ice cream but this pizza vendor has decided to push things a little  

The video shared by RJ Rohan that is going viral shows a vendor applying chocolate sauce over the pizza base, and then adding onions, tomato, capsicum and vanilla ice cream on top. He then proceeds to put the pizza in the oven. As if that was not enough, then right before serving, he adds more chocolate sauce and strawberry ice cream on top.

Screengrabs from @radiokarohan

The funny commentary in the background gets too relatable by the end. “Gulab jamun daalkar isko chaashni me dubo de (add gulab jamun and then dip it in the sugar syrup too,” says the narrator. He concludes the video by saying, “Dekhkar aisa pizza band kar dega Italy dena humko Visa (after seeing such pizza, Italy would stop giving us Visa)”, and we agree.  

The comments section of the video was also filled with anguished pizza lovers. One of the users even tagged pizza giants like Dominos and Pizza Hut and wrote “Must Try”, as a jibe at some of their very ‘interesting’ pizza toppings recently.