Viral: IAS Officer’s Picture Of Retro Birthday Party Snacks Makes Netizens Nostalgic
Image Credit: Image: Freepik

Birthdays are a special event for most of us. While the excitement may reduce as we grow up, as kids it was a big deal for most of us. For children, birthdays are a time they wait patiently throughout the year. I remember I always used to buy new clothes, plan a huge party with my friends, decide on the menu, and invite all my friends. Do you remember dressing up for that one day to school distributing toffees? That was my favourite part. One of my most favourite parts besides this were the snacks and meals we got for the birthday party to savour. Over the years, the way we celebrate birthdays has changed. While now we may not party without a pint of beer or two along with some tikkas and crispy bites, the good, old days during childhood were simpler and never fail to make us nostalgic. A Twitter user has shared a snapshot of what snacks made the birthday parties of the 80s and 90s special, and it immediately went viral for obvious reasons.

Awanish Sharan, an IAS officer, shared pictures of the birthday snacks during that time. From the classic samosa, the humble gulab jamun to biscuits and namkeen, the picture had all of that. His post immediately went viral and made many grown-ups nostalgic about their childhood days. They shared their experiences and also shared why these snacks were special to them. Take a look:

“That's not just snacks. That was the complete meal and party,” said a user while another said he too had eaten these snacks at birthday parties and also served them on his own birthday. “In those days, serving these snacks would make one feel wealthy and rich and I'm sure you too have felt that way,” the user told the IAS officer in Hindi.

A third user got nostalgic about the “simple life” those days and rued how they missed it.

 One user said the “best part of those birthdays were homemade sweets”.

One user revealed how it used to be in Punjab and wrote, “Instead of bhujia and biscuits, we in Punjab use to have Paneer Pakora." Another asked for chips, saying children would fight among themselves for chips. One user pointed out that toffees and soft drinks (rasna) are missing.

The IAS officer often shares interesting posts on social media. While he has taken his followers down memory lane with this post, a few months ago he highlighted the serious issue of food wastage at parties. In a post on Twitter, he shared a photo of a man cleaning plates after an event. The amount of waste food adjacent to the plates were what drew the attention of many netizens. While pointing out the large quantity of food wasted, the IAS officer wrote, “The photo that your wedding photographer missed. Stop wasting food.” Interesting, isn’t it?  

Did you too get nostalgic after seeing the IAS officer’s post? Let us know your favourite 90s food!