Viral: Husband’s Reaction To Wife’s ‘Hyper Realistic Cake’ Prank Leaves Netizens Amused
Image Credit: Image: Screenshot From Instagram video by Kristy Sarah

The internet has given us a host of food trends, and we are definitely not complaining. From frothy and delicious Dalgona coffee to evergreen banana bread, let’s just agree that at some point of time, we have all tried some of these trends at least once. While some might be bizarre, some have ensued some of the funniest moments we have witnessed. The ‘hyper real cakes’ were one of the many food trends that we saw in 2020, and it has only gotten bigger and better with time. 

While in 2021, chefs and bakers around the world took this trend a notch higher with some of the most unfathomable cakes – onion cake, delivery boxes and even humans, some also used these hyper real cakes to prank their partners, and we are all about it. 

In a video that has recently gone viral, a woman managed to prank her husband with a hyperplastic cake that resembled a plate of chicken wings. Yes, you read that right. And if you don’t believe us, the video will have you looking at, indeed, a plate of chicken wings. Shared on Instagram by his wife, Kristy Sarah, the video has garnered over six million views. The cake in the video was made by a Texas-based baker Sarah Ono Jones.  

While the chicken wings lookalike, perfectly coated with sauce and presented with celery and a dip beside, seemed drool-worthy, the husband realised it’s a prank as soon as he took a bite. And his reaction definitely won over netizens. Take a look here:

 In the clip, Kristy first shows the viewers how it’s actually a cake by piercing a knife into it. She then serves the platter to her husband, who is watching something on the phone. After a while, when he digs into the ‘chicken wings’, he realises that it isn’t what it looks like. “Girl, this ain’t celery!” he exclaims.

The funny reaction has left viewers amused. “Omg he is so funny...y’all are awesome (sic),” wrote one user, while another said, “This dude is supposed to be a cartoon character.” Another comment read, “‘Girl this ain’t celery!’” I just laughed so hard Omg I love you! (sic).” A user wrote,  “LMAO, I’m sorry but we would have been fighting if you play with my food when I’m hungry (sic).” 

Kristy even asked her viewers what food she should prank her husband with next, “What should I get made into a cake next??,” she wrote and got many responses. Some suggested burgers, while other options included ramen, steak, pies and pork chops.  

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