Viral: Gordon Ramsay’s Reaction To ‘Disaster Chef’ Making Eggs Has Netizens In Splits
Image Credit: Image: Instagram Gordon Ramsay

Speaking of easy and versatile foods, eggs would perhaps be one of the first to come to anyone’s mind. From a simple boiled egg to quick and fluffy omelettes and more, there are endless recipes out there that one can prepare and enjoy without any hassle. And one doesn’t need to be a trained chef to work around eggs in the kitchen, even beginner cooks can ace it. But would you call anyone who can cook eggs a master chef? Well, not really. Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, known for his witty and harsh style of criticism, recently took to Instagram to react to one such video of a person cooking eggs. Ramsay’s signature style of reviewing regularly leaves internet users in splits, and this time was no different as the video which he shared on Instagram Reels raked in over 5 million views and more than 280k likes in the span of just 24 hours.  

The disastrous results of cooking eggs in the short clip prompted Ramsay to share an epic reaction to the same. Take a look: