The concept of kulhad wali chai might be old, but it never ceases to amaze us each time we are offered some. There is just something unique about the piping hot chai served in an earthen cup, giving a rustic, true desi touch. The enthralling experience of drinking chai in a kulhad has made it quite a viral trend on social media too. So much that the street side vendors have now started to come up with their own kulhad versions-kulhad momos, kulhad pizza, and many such food items have started to join the bandwagon. However, moving away from the bizarre trends of kulhad pizza and momos, we’ve finally got something that can actually be a good competitor to kulhad wali chai and it is none other than Kulhad wali coffee. Yes, you read that right. 

Coffee might not be as desi concept as chai but when it is served in a kulhad, there’s no doubt that you’ll enjoy it in full desi-style. Serving coffee in a kulhad is perhaps the most desi way to relish coffee. Imagine the combination of the strong flavours of coffee, enhanced with the earthy feel of kulhad. And that's exactly what people have to say about an Instagram Reel which showed the process of kulhad coffee is made. Shared by an Instagram page @crafians, the video of how ‘kulhad beaten coffee’ is made has received over 1.5m views, 100k likes and several comments.   

In the video, we see a man with a big bowl of smooth beaten coffee, pouring a few teaspoons of it in a kulhad. He then adds some extra coffee powder to the beaten coffee in the kulhad, and mix it well. He then pours milk over it, mix it and drizzles some coffee powder on top right before serving. Take a look at the video:

Many people commented on the video saying how good it tasted. While one comment read "Tried it.. bohot mast lagti hai" (Tried it, it feels great), other one read "It looks so droolicious". While the majority of the people liked the idea of Kulhad beaten coffee, many were quick to point out that it simply looks like a desi version of Dalgona coffee. "Desi dalgona hua na" (Isn't it desi Dalgona) wrote one user, and another read "kya kulhad beaten... Dalgona coffee hai" (How is this Kulhad beaten, it is Dalgona coffee). And then there were chai lovers who couldn’t help but put forward the chai-vs-coffee argument, chai lovers made sure to leave comments about how it can never compete with Kulhad waali chai. One comment read "But can't compete with chai in kulhad" while the other read  "Kulhad me chai he ache lagte hai coffee nhi" (Tea tastes good in kulhad, not coffee). 

The café serving this Kulhad beaten coffee is located in Gurugram and is called 'B Ten Café', as per the caption of the post. What do you think about Kulhad beaten coffee? Will you try it? Let us know.