Being a foodie, I’m glad to have tried a variety of cuisines, street foods and restaurants with delicacies that are popular across the country. With a penchant for street food in particular, I always make sure to try the local cuisine of all the places I get to visit in India, so be it Indore ka Poha or Jodhpur’s Mirchi Pakoda, it has been on my plate. Pani Puri is one of my all-time favourite street foods and no matter by what name it is called in a particular area- puchka, gol gappa or gupchup, I cannot resist the sight of it. The small, round-shaped, crispy ball that carries various spices and tangy water, is a favourite among many foodies. And rarely do we see a lot of experimentation with it. But recently a food blogger has found a new variety of it and shared a video of it on Instagram. This pani puri in Ahmedabad oozes flames, yes you read that right. Now, I’ve had Fire Paan in Delhi, but this just proved how pani puri can be fiery too.  

The video shows a delicious puri filled with stuffings. And, then the street vendor lit it up. He then puts it in the mouth of his customer, who, at first, appears hesitant but allows him to put the puri in his mouth. Take a look:

Surprised? Well, If you are daring too, then you’ll have to visit Ahmedabad to try this "fiery" pani puri. Instagram users had a mixed reaction, as some were surprises, some were eager to try and asked for the exact location of the street food vendor. And if the talk of pani puri made you crave it, and you are nowhere close to Ahmedabad, you can easily make some at home. Without the fire, though.  

Paani Puri or Gol Gappa has the puri made of atta or suji, and is stuffed with boiled and mashed potato, chickpeas, paneer etc. The flavourful and spicy chutneys make for a tongue-tickling experience along with the water that is prepared with tamarind, jaggery and mint. Here's a recipe that you can try.