Viral: Delhi Auto Rickshaw Driver’s ‘Rooftop Garden’ Is Winning Hearts
Image Credit: Image: Twitter @Money_Sharma

The summer season in India this year is breaking records with its soaring temperatures, and people are struggling to keep themselves and their surroundings cool. Food and drink is one of the most basic and primary ways to keep the body cool in this scorching summer heat. While most of us resort to changing our diets and including chilled beverages, fresh fruits and veggies in it, some are coming up with new and ingenious tricks to beat the heat and cool themselves off. For instance, one auto rickshaw driver in Delhi thought of a very unique and innovative solution to keep himself as well as his passengers cool. The driver has created an entire garden on his auto rickshaw's roof! Don’t believe us? Read on. 

A 48-year-old autorickshaw driver, Mahendra Kumar, came up with this creative idea to keep himself and his passengers cool during the unbearable summer heat. Growing over 20 different varieties of herbs, vegetables and plants in this moving garden on the roof of his autorickshaw, he has even managed to grow planted crops such as lettuce, tomato and millets in the one-of-its-kind garden. Isn’t that simply genius? The amount of hard work that went into creating the garden on the small roof of the autorickshaw is simply remarkable. Kumar first put a mat on the roof, followed by a sack and then added soil to grow the garden. He waters the plants twice a day in order to keep them green and healthy. Take a look:

As per a report in AFP, Mahendra got this idea two years ago. "Around two years ago I had this idea during the peak of the summer season. I thought if I can grow some plants on the roof, it will keep my auto cool and give relief from the heat to my passengers," Kumar told AFP. "It is now like a natural AC (air conditioner). My passengers are so happy after the ride that they don't mind paying me an extra 10-20 bucks," he added. 

The internet is super impressed with the Delhi auto rickshaw driver's unique idea, and showered immense praises from citizens online. While some passers-by clicked photographs standing alongside Kumar's auto rickshaw garden and shared it online, fellow drivers asked him for tips. Take a look at some of the reactions on social media:


Isn’t the idea simply amazing? Not only does it help the auto rickshaw stay cool, but also grow fresh veggies. What did you think of the Delhi auto rickshaw driver's amazing initiative? Let us know.