Viral: Dabeli Fondue Is The Latest Fusion Netizens Are Roasting
Image Credit: Image: Twitter/Shutterstock

Let’s just take a minute to give our heartfelt tribute to some of the world’s most classic foods that have been subjected to the worst experiments in the culinary world. Be it the comforting pizzas, dumplings and ice creams or the desi pakoras and chai, the internet has given us some of the most bizarre food combinations ever. 

Every time we think this is the limit, a new trend pops up and shocks us. Latest to join the list of such experiments is a delicacy that takes inspiration from two popular dishes from two distinct cuisines - one Swiss and the other Gujarati. And the outcome is so bizarre that the internet seems to be both disgusted and amused by it. The new dish is called Dabeli Fondue. Yes, you read that right. 

Fondue is a much-loved Swiss delicacy, in which melted Swiss cheese is served in a pot, over a portable stove. The melted cheese is usually accompanied by pieces of bread and vegetables. Fondue is served on a portable stove to keep the cheese melted till it is consumed. 

Dabeli, on the other hand, is a Gujarati snack from the Kutch region, which resembles the Maharashtrian vada pav, as pavs are usually stuffed with boiled potatoes, dabeli masala, spices and chutneys. Now think of a combination of these two dishes. Still confused? Take a look:

It seems like a desi spin to the cheesy fondue, in which it is flavoured with dabeli masala and served with chopped and toasted ladi pav. The image was tweeted by Kunal Sawardekar (@smugdekar), and the post has received over a thousand likes, and hundreds of retweets. 

The reactions ranged from surprised to amused and even shocked. Many were taken aback at the fact how someone actually managed to bring together two extremely different cuisines - Swiss and Indian. Many found the experiment funny and, therefore, the comments section was full of interesting reactions. While some expressed their desire to try it out, the others came up with stories about how fondue was initially a Gujju invention and then it reached Switzerland. According to some users, what’s worse than this experiment is the Dabeli Sushi. Take a look at some of the reactions: