Viral Chocolate Paratha By Street Vendor Leaves Internet Divided

Flaky, comforting and hearty are all the terms that one would typically associate with parathas. Besides the commonly enjoyed savoury fillings of potatoes, cheese, kheema and cauliflower, sweet parathas made with sattu or coconut are well-known. However, what has been keeping the internet preoccupied lately is the absurdity of a chocolate-stuffed paratha – made by a street vendor, the stuffing recipe shows him melt a couple of chocolate bars and mix it with raisins and cashews.

In the video shared by @yumyumindia, the vendor then goes on to coat this sweet mixture with dough, before rolling it into a flatbread and toasting over hot coals, in a greasy pan. The paratha is then cut into quarters and served with some pickle on the side. What appears to be a crisp paratha on the outside, reveals itself to have a smear of chocolate filling and bits of dry fruit on the inside, giving some the chills while piquing the curiosity of some social media users. While some reacted to the video saying how ‘bakwaas’ they thought the idea was, eager foodies also seemed to be curious to know how this would taste.

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While parathas are a commonly enjoyed street food offering across many parts in India, the impact of this first-of-its-kind paratha remains to be seen. What was most interesting to note is that some netizens even went the extra mile to recreate the recipe at home – some successfully and some who expressed utter disgust at the result. Tell us in the comments if this creation is something you’d be open to trying or not!