Viral: Bournvita Barfi Is Here To Confuse Netizens
Image Credit: Image: Instagram @oye.foodieee

Haven’t most of us relied on Bournvita in milk for all strength and energy as kids? So much so that for most of us, milk was synonymous with Bournvita. If you ask me, I loved the flavour and wouldn’t even drink milk without adding the chocolate flavoured powder. There are fond memories of enjoying Bournvita right before going out to play in the evenings. It’s been so long now but it seems like some people’s obsession with the drink hasn’t faded one bit. And that led to an unusual experiment with the chocolate malt - Bournvita barfi. Yes, you read that right! 

Bournvita barfi is the latest fusion experiment to go viral, in which Bournvita meets barfi to give a chocolate-coloured barfi that has been confusing people. In a video that has been going viral, shared by food blogger @oye.foodieee, one can see how this fusion barfi is prepared by halwais. Take a look:

Doesn’t it look super interesting? In the video, they start by dissolving sugar in water, followed by the addition of cashew paste to the sugar syrup. They let it cook for a while, and then add the Bournvita powder to the kadhai. They mix it well for the powder to dissolve completely with the thick cashew paste mix. The barfi mixture is finished off with dollops of ghee and dry fruits. It is then poured into a rectangular dish to set it in the signature barfi shape. As per the caption of the video, you can find this unique barfi at Shagun Sweets in Delhi. 

The video has obviously piqued the interest of Bournvita lovers, as the video garnered more than 300k views and over 14k likes so far. The fusion barfi has received quite a fusion reaction, as some people loved the look of it and wanted to try, some people just couldn’t understand why we would need such a barfi. "Dekhne me kaafi sahi hai" (It looks nice), wrote one user, while another said, "Looks so yumm". Then came those who thought we didn’t need this barfi. “Dislike ka option hai?” (Is there a dislike option?), read a comment. Then came the humorous take as a person wrote, "Rohit from 'Koi mil Gaya' wants to know your location" and "Dekhne se hi height badh gayi" (I just got taller by just looking at it). 

What did you think of this fusion barfi? Let us know.