Viral: Bloggers Cook Fancy Food In Forest Sans Electricity; Try These 5 Minimum-Cooking Recipes
Image Credit: From wood-fired pizza to grilled chicken, there is so much you can make.

Cooking is truly an art. You can’t bake a beautiful chocolate cake or whip up some creamy butter chicken without the sound knowledge of ingredients as well as a sense of flavours. And once you’ve mastered that, there is no looking back. This gives you the leverage to be creative and innovative novel recipes and techniques of cooking without too much thought. Take the Swiss-French pastry chef Amaury Guichon for instance. He is well-known on the internet for his chocolate experiments and fascinating edible creations. Similarly, there are several influencers and chefs that have made it big and run large kitchens with the best of tools and equipment.  

What if we tell you that someone was living a supposedly simple life, the fancy way? These bloggers have proved us right. Going viral by the name Men With The Pot on the photo-sharing platform, Instagram, this duo has created a rage on social media with their cooking skills. From wood-fired pizza and carbonara spaghetti to the classic apple pie and Gordon Ramsay’s beef wellington, they have left no stone unturned. And well, the best part, they are cooking all this in a forest without any source of electricity. Take a look at their marvellous creations.  

Source: Men With The Pot/Instagram

With more than one million followers on Instagram, the blogger-duo has become a sensation among the netizens who have been left speechless at their creativity. In their cooking videos and reels, you would notice only a few kitchen tools like knives and boards, the rest of their secret lies in nature. Some of the biggest chefs in the industry today are innovating master pieces on the plate with the help of fancy technology and diverse techniques. However, what these high-spirited individuals are doing is crazy yet amazing.  

Are you pumped up to take your cooking skills for a ride like us? If yes, you have to try these hassle-free ideas. Here are some recipes to take a plunge and make everything at home with minimum use of electricity as well as equipment. 

1.   Wood-Fired Pizza  

As they say, “necessity is the mother of invention”, you just need to imagine that you don’t have an oven or a microwave. Try this wood-fired pizza for your next party. All you need to do is set up the wood-fired oven in your backyard or front lawn. Roll out freshly-made pizza dough and dunk it with your favourite toppings of cherry tomatoes, onions and mushrooms. Add some prawns for a meaty touch and sprinkle grated mozzarella cheese on top. Bake it in a wood-fired oven and enjoy the smoky taste of the pizza.  

2.   Grilled Green Chicken  

If you picture yourself in a forest, you’d realise that there is plenty of protein available around you. From chicken to lamb, you’ve got meat in various forms. Marinate your chicken pieces in a mixture of yoghurt, coriander and mint leaves paste, green chillies, ginger-garlic and olive oil. Keep it aside for a few hours and when you’re hungry, grill it on a charcoal-fired grill rack. This will not only lend the dish beautiful grill marks but also give it a subtle flavour of charcoal. 

3.   Grilled Greek Fish  

Have you ever gone fishing? Maybe, you can think of doing it now since you’re already in a forest in your head. Catch the best of fish for dinner tonight and be ready for some grilling. The fish fillets can be given a light and easy marination of mint, oregano, lemon, greek seasoning and olive oil. The fresh aroma of these herbs adds a refreshing flavour to the grilled fish that can be paired with some veggies like green beans and carrots.  

4.   Breakfast Bread Bowls  

Bored of the same old acai or oats bowl for breakfast? Has anyone told you that you could have a bread bowl too? Yes, that is very much possible. The interesting bread bowl baked by these bloggers inspired us to get something of our own. Use crusty hard rolls to form a huge round bowl made of bread. Dunk in your vegetables and cheese and finish it off with a poached egg. You can either bake it over wood-fire or simply eat it this way.  

 5.   Shepherd’s Pie  

The shepherd’s pie is full of all things from nature. Potatoes, tomatoes, carrots and celery are stuffed into this hearty pie which also has lamb and beef in it. The meaty pie gives way to a wholesome and filling meal.