Viral: Blogger Tries AI-Generated Recipe To Make Oreo Cake, Result Is Surprising
Image Credit: Image: YouTube @How To Cook That

The past two years spent at home during the Coronavirus-led lockdown saw many of us indulge in new hobbies - some started painting, some turned to music and dance, while many of us turned to cooking, to be specific baking. The art of baking has emerged as one of the most popular pastimes in the past two years. After all, the practice of combining ingredients, mixing them together and putting them in the oven yielding delicious desserts every time, is a whole new level of satisfaction. 

Not just the process, but even the aroma of baking has some magic that instantly wants us to bake! We often look up cake and dessert recipes online to try (tried Slurrp’s expansive reservatory of cake recipes yet?) at home. 

One looks through cookbooks of popular bakers and chefs who are trustworthy enough for our amateur tryst with baking. But how would you react if we suggested you a software generated recipe for you to bake and try? Bizarre, right? Well, a YouTube chef recently tried using an AI-based application called Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 to make a recipe for a Super Moist Giant Oreo Cake. While we are as surprised as you, the whole process and the results were quite interesting to watch! 

Ann Reardon is a popular YouTube blogger who recently gave a shot to this recipe of a Giant Oreo Cake in her video. The AI software described it by saying, "Sure it takes a fair bit of time to assemble the Super Moist Giant Oreo Cake Recipe and costs a pretty penny, but it's big enough to feed 20 people and it tastes so good that all eyes will be on you as soon as you serve it." The recipe text then proceeded to narrate the ingredients and cooking methods that Reardon followed step-by-step in the video. Take a look:

Crushed Oreo cookies, chocolate covered cookies, food cake mix, whipping cream, chocolate morsels, vanilla and butter, were used to make the super moist Oreo cake. If you are wondering about the end result, well, the AI's recipe for Giant Oreo Cake did result in a cake. Reardon also made her husband and son try the cake in the video, as it was her son’s birthday. Their review? Well, it did look like a cake, but it turned out to be quite hard. The video did make for an interesting and hilarious watch though. Reardon’s husband said that the cake tastes alright but the texture is quite like just ‘sediments of chocolate’. Ann did reveal in the beginning that it was her third recipe with AI, as the past two recipes weren’t factually correct or possible. 

A number of users also poured in their reactions in the comments section. People liked the way a single piece of gum was used as a cake decoration. "I spat out my coffee when the chewing gum was inserted into the "cake". What a minimalist, yet effective, piece of decoration," wrote one user. "Now we know where five-minute craft is getting their baking ideas from lol," said another. 

What did you think of the AI-generated recipe for Oreo cake? Let us know. And if you do want to make a delicious Oreo cake at home, we’ve got you covered. Click here for the recipe.