Viral: Bengaluru Eatery Labels Samosas To Identify Filling
Image Credit: Image: Shutterstock

Indian cuisine is a lot about interesting snacks and munchies – the ones that make you slurp at the mere mention of them. Samosa is one such snack that isn’t just popular but is also the most experimented with. Our fascination with this desi delight is so strong that we can have it as often as possible, and in as many forms as we can. Samosa chaat, samosa maggi, and many such fusion foods have gone viral in the past, including those with unique stuffings. 

From aloo samosa and paneer samosa to chicken samosa and even chocolate samosa - there is no dearth of samosa options to pick from. But one problem that one may face is recognising the variety of samosa when it is cooked or at the snack shop just by its outer crispy layer. Whatever filling there may be, all samosas, more or less, look the same in fried triangular crust.   

Now, a street-side eatery in Bengaluru, called Samosa Party, has come up with a solution to this problem. In what can be described as an innovative idea both for the eatery as well as its customers, they have started stamping their samosas with labels defining the kind of filling used inside. This came to light through a Twitter post, shared by user Shobhit Bakliwal. A picture posted by him shows two samosas marked with the words 'aloo' and 'noodles', to explain the filling they are made of.   

Take a look at the tweet:

 "The real food tech innovation in Bengaluru", read the caption of the post. Impressed netizens are praising the eatery's ‘thoughtful initiative’. While some thought of it as ‘quite advanced thinking’, there were others who said that the food engraving method has been in existence for quite some time now. Take a look at some of the most interesting Twitter reactions:

 Meanwhile, the eatery also jumped into the discussion and wrote, "Thank you, Shobhit, glad you noticed. This solves an important customer problem sustainably - fillings can be identified without breaking the samosas in case of assorted orders".