Foodies of the internet, it is time we press pause on the whole Delhi v/s Mumbai street food debate and shift our gaze to cities like Ahmedabad, Kanpur and Indore that are creating ripples on the internet for their unique food experiments. Remember the oreo pakoda of Ahmedabad that managed to divide the internet in two a couple of days back? Now, from the same city, we have yet another fusion delicacy that has got the Netizens talking, mostly about its bold move of mixing chocolate brownie, ice cream and paan.

Fusion food is tricky terrain. It can either work and come out miserably wrong. I mean, the jury is still out on Schezwan dosa, noodle samosa and pizza panipuri, even though these dishes have been around for a while. Adding to the list is this 'chocolate brownie and paan' fusion which has puzzled many people.

The video posted by Raman (@dhuandhaar) on Twitter is now going viral. In the video, we see a vendor grab a hot plate and pour some chocolate sauce on the base. Next, he places the chocolate brownie on this chocolate base and tops it off with a scoop of ice cream drizzled over with more chocolate sauce. This is one of the standard ways to serve brownies in most Indian cafes. What is so special about that, you ask? The video proceeds with placing a Meetha Paan on top of the ice cream made with gulkand, sweet berries, saunf, and desiccated coconut. The sizzling plate of brownie and paan look like a vision, but is it worth a bite? Have a look. 

“Pan and Browny Combo. Only from Ahmedabad, Gujarat”, Raman wrote in his caption. Interestingly, if you may have noticed, the ice cream scoop is also light green, much like paan-flavoured ice cream, indicating that the vendor was indeed in a mood to go big on paan and undercut its sweetness with a dark chocolate brownie. 

“this is toooooooo much,” wrote a user.


“Kuch to Baksh Do” (Spare something) wrote another miffed user.

 “Add cream, bread and call it cake.” read another snarky comment.


Many people defended the treat too, especially those who had tried it, while some enquired about the whereabouts of the dish. The Twitter handle of Carnival Park replied on the thread, saying, “This is located at Carnival Food Park, Ahmedabad , You are welcome to try Amazing dish #pan_brownie.”

 Would you want to try this unique treat? Or would you instead leave your brownie alone? Irrespective of what you decide, here is an easy-peasy recipe of chocolate brownie you must try at home today.