Viral: Age-old Hack To Keep Grapes Fresh Without A Fridge Leaves The Internet Amazed
Image Credit: Image: Twitter @SaudObserver

Talk of interesting hacks and the web has it all. Not only is the internet a storehouse of unique content, it often gives out some or the other new information that we are usually unaware of, and can learn and take inspiration from. After a lot of technological advances, people have begun to see its downside and have now started to go back to their roots. Be it eating natural as farm-to-table trend picks up or ways to conserve and preserve food for a longer time naturally, the way our ancestors used to without any electrical equipment or chemical preservatives, we are slowly coming full circle as we go back to basics. 

A video, for instance, that has recently been going viral online shows a unique, natural method to keep grapes fresh. Wondering how? In a clay container. Yes, you read that right. No refrigerator, no preservatives or chemicals. Just a clay container, and so obviously the video has gone viral in no time. Don't believe us? Take a look at the video and see how it worked:

Originally posted by @archaeohistories on Instagram, the video soon found its way to Twitter as well by user @SaudObserver, from where it went viral and has received over 4 million views, and more than 105k likes along with over 20k retweets. In the almost a minute-long video, we see a man pick up a clay container and start to break it with a stone. When the top of it cracks-open, we see a bunch of grapes inside. Isn’t that interesting!? 

The method was said to be from Afghanistan, used centuries ago in the rural areas in the North. Known as 'Kangina', this method of food preservation uses mud-straw containers that keep the grapes fresh and airtight for a long time. The grapes are stored inside these containers that can be cracked open whenever required. Wondering how long the grapes can stay fresh with this method? Six months is how long it stays fresh in Afghanistan with this unique technique! Yes, you read that right. 

“This grape preservation technique is from pre historic Afghanistan, where grapes are preserved in clay and stay fresh for a year and sometimes years” the caption of the Twitter video said. The video stormed Twitter as users were surprised that the grapes looked so fresh even after six months. Others wanted to know how it was possible that no chemicals or cooling was used in the process. 

“Fascinating!”, wrote one user, while another said, “I want to know who figured that out. Like what was their thought process behind it.” After the video went viral, Twitter user who posted it, Saud Faisal Malik, also explained this entire method of preserving grapes in Afghanistan, in another video. He revealed how this method has been used in Afghanistan for over 100 years. Take a look at the video:

Take a look at all the reactions to video grape preservation:


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