If you are active on social media and follow food news, you would know about the countless bizarre food experiments that many street side vendors and even restaurants are doing these days. Be it your charcoal dosa, Oreo Maggi or Fanta omlette, we have witnessed some extremely bizarre street food combinations in recent times. And each time we come across something like it, we think it can’t get worst, but seems like there’s no end to it. And for this latest experiment, you would really have to brace yourselves. If you love Gulab Jamun for your post-meal indulgences and pakodas for your evening chuski with chai, this one is sure to shock you, or just anyone. A video of a man making gulab jamun pakodas has gone viral online. And no, this isn’t a joke.  

In a video shared by food blogger Bhawna in her Instagram handle ‘delhi_tummy’, a street-side eatery is seen selling gulab jamun pakodas, which she tried. And her reaction to it is everything you need to know about the bizarre combination. Take a look at the video:

In the short video, the street food vendor first adds a whole box of gulab jamuns to a batter of besan. He generously coats each piece with the pakoda batter and then add it to hot oil for deep-frying. The blogger then tries it and her reaction was of sheer disgust. She seems to not like the dish at all and even tossed the leftover piece in the dustbin. The video has garnered a whopping 4.7 million views and more than 55k likes, in just a few days of being posted. And the reaction on the post is unmissable. While some obviously resonated with the blogger’s reaction, certain comments were too funny to miss. “Oho Zeher (poison)” wrote one user while another joked and asked for the location in order to file an FIR. “That hurts. Nightmare for every dessert lover,” a comment read while another user commented, “Time to go to Mars.”  

What do you think of the bizarre food combination of gulab jamun and pakoda? Would you try this? Meanwhile if you are craving authentic pakodas, we’ve got a perfect recipe right here. And if you are someone with a sweet tooth, you can try our recipe for gulab jamun here.