Viral: 3-Year-Old Chef Oliver’s Lasagne Recipe Video Is Too Cute To Miss
Image Credit: Image: Instagram @chezoliz

If you love babies like I do, I’m pretty sure you would stop at every baby video on the internet. After all, if there's one kind of content that the internet is collectively obsessed with, it has got to be baby videos. And we aren’t just talking about those where the babies are simply reacting to situations, foods or people, but now there are videos where children are actually surprising us with great talents, case in point- cooking! In the recent past, we have seen how toddlers can not only be big food-lovers like us but can also be incredible cooks! One such adorable chef has made the internet melt with his cooking skills and cuteness. In a video going viral these days, Baby chef Oliver, who is all of three years old, is making the internet go ‘aww’. The toddler who has gone viral cooked a Lasagne in his kitchen, and we simply can’t resist the cuteness overload. 

The baby chef cooked up a delicious Lasagne right from scratch in the video, sounds unbelievable? Well have a look at it yourself. The video of baby Oliver was shared on Instagram by his handle @chezoliz. Instead of calling it 'Lasagne', the baby chef referred to it as 'Pasagna' through the video and it was too cute to miss. "I like pasagna! I like pasagna! We used FOUR kinds of cheeses in my pasagna. Oh my," read the caption to the clip. Take a look:

 In the video, baby Oliver starts the process by adding onions, spices and tomatoes to the meat in a pan to prepare the mix for Lasagne sauce. He also plucked some fresh Basil straight from the plant for the garnish and even revealed “I love basil so much”. He carefully layered the Lasagne in a dish, adding four different kinds of cheeses in it. More than the recipe, it was Oliver’s continuous chatter that had us glued to it. Even though he is just three years old, Oliver seemed to be having excellent control while cooking in the kitchen! He thoroughly enjoyed every step of the recipe, and we enjoyed watching his cute narration. Once the dish is baked and ready, he excitedly says “It’s so pretty it has stuff on it!”

The adorable video has received over 1.4 million views and more than 115k likes as well. Hundreds of users even praised the baby chef in the comments section of the video. "Ok this is the cutest little human EVER," wrote one user while another said, "This is the best video online right now!" "This made me so happy. Such a genuine ray of sunshine," quipped another user. Craving some Lasagne thanks to Chef Oliver, we’ve got you covered with an easy recipe right here

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