Vikas Khanna Shares A Sweet Moment With His Mother Over Chai

Chef Vikas Khanna’s newest post proves that all react the same way to overpriced chai! The celebrity chef recently shared a funny video featuring his mother where he asks her about his homemade chai which features some expensive saffron and his mum had the cheekiest reactions. 

In the reel, Khanna can be seen adding saffron to a freshly brewed pot of chai. “Mumma, saffron daal diya”, he says. His mom who’s right beside him can be seen holding a glass of chai. “Mumma, kaisi banni hai?”, he asks.  “Bahut swaad hai,” his mother replies as she observes the chai being brewed. Khanna further asks her why she looks stressed. His mother cheekily answers, “Stress kyun ho raha hai?! Do sau rupai ka saffron daal diya hai.” Khanna bursts into laughter, as his mother adds, “Aisi chai na kabhi sunni na dekhi.” 

The video then cuts to the streets of New York as Khanna films his mum strolling. The chef further asks his mother about the tea he made earlier, and his mother replies she is fine. Khanna captioned his post, saying, “Indian Moms Are Built Different. They will spend EVERY cent on kids, but suddenly Rs. 200 gets them upset for the whole day. #MavanThandiyanChavan For Maa Michelin Star Chef = Michelin Star Mundu.”

Khanna is currently in New York as he awaits the unveiling of New York restaurant Bungalow on March 23, which is also the birth anniversary of his late sister Radhika, who lost her life in 2022. Khanna shared a post on Instagram and shared details about his new brand.

“50 DAYS from today on March 23rd, would have been my beloved sister Radhika’s 50th Birthday,” said Khanna in the video which was posted a few days ago. 

“We open Bungalow on the auspicious day as a tribute to her life and also to honor millions of kitchens, chefs, cook book writers, street vendors, home cooks across India — and most importantly to our MOTHERS who have nurtured our souls forever. See you soon!” Khanna said. 

Bungalow has been conceptualised by Chef Khanna and Bombay House Hospitality and the restaurant and cocktail bar is said to be rooted in ‘India’s social clubs of times past’ and ‘reimagines India’s bygone years, one dish at a time.’