Vijay Deverakonda Enjoys Biscoff Tiramisu; Here’s All About The Dessert
Image Credit: Instagram/thedeverakonda

Vijay Deverakonda is an actor and producer who works mainly in Telugu cinema. He has also won the Filmfare Award for Best Actor – Telugu and the South Indian International Movie Award for Best Actor (Critics). In 2019, he was also on Forbes India’s 30 Under 30 list. With 15 million followers on Instagram, the actor and producer has recently been posting about his food-related adventures. 

Vijay has been vacationing for a few days now without revealing where he is. Earlier this week, he posted a photo of a meal that included bread, salmon and salad leaves. The meal was accompanied by a cup of frothy coffee and a glass of red wine. The post garnered 1.7 million likes and 5691 comments. Then, Vijay posted a photo of himself enjoying a burger with chips and beer. 

Yesterday, he took to his Instagram stories to share a video of Biscoff tiramisu. The video is a close up of a spoon digging into the tiramisu, which is topped with a Lotus Biscoff. The dessert looked creamy, with Biscoff crumbled on top of it. 

Lotus biscoff is a crunchy biscuit with a unique caramelised flavour. It is used in desserts across the world and also served with coffee and tea and cafes. A Belgian baker named Jan Boone Sr. created the caramelised biscuit with natural ingredients in 1932 in Lembeke, a Belgian town. The biscuit was named Lotus, after the flower that symbolises purity. In the 1950s, Boone started wrapping the biscuits in individual packets. It was soon adopted by cafes and restaurants and served with coffee, becoming an instant hit since its taste complemented that of coffee. Over the years, Lotus Biscoff became popular all over the world. Today, Lotus Bakeries is still a family-owned business. In 2016, the US became the biggest sales market for Biscoff.

Since Lotus Biscoff complements coffee, it works well in tiramisu, which is a coffee-flavoured dessert. Tiramisu may be made by soaking the Biscoff in coffee instead of using the traditional Italian ladyfingers. Coffee soaked in biscoff and mascarpone cream are layered on top of each other, and the final layer of cream is topped with crushed Biscoff. 

The Lotus brand also makes a Biscoff spread, which several cooks use to make tiramisu too. The story goes that people in Belgium developed a peculiar habit of putting Lotus Biscoff on their bread. The Biscoff used over bread was used whole, crumbled or dunked it in the drink of choice. Based on this idea, a resourceful Belgian mother created her own recipe for a spread and entered it in a competition for a TV show called The Inventors. She reached the finals and later, worked together with Lotus Bakeries to create Lotus Biscoff spread.

If you’re craving Biscoff tiramisu after watching Vijay Deverakonda’s stories (we certainly are), give it a whirl in your kitchen. Use the spread to layer the biscuits, or use Biscoff soaked in coffee. Don’t forget to crumble Biscoff on top as a final layer.