Video of 75-Year-Old Man In Ahmedabad Selling Sandwiches For ₹10 Wins Hearts

The internet is full of content of all varieties. Every single day, creators across the world take to their social media handles and post pictures and videos for us to enjoy. Come to think of it, in today’s time there are very few people who can get through the day without scrolling their social media handles, laughing at some memes or simply watching a reel. There is content that we love browsing through and then there are bizarre trends that disappoint us. Today, we bring to you a video that will surely leave you teary-eyed. The video has a 75-year-old man in Ahmedabad working hard to make his ends meet. The man is struggling to earn a living at an age when people usually sit comfortably with their children and spend their days playing with their grandkids. Take a look at the video yourself.

In this video uploaded by the Instagram food blogger who goes by the username @jd_the_foodblogger, we can see an elderly man making some sandwiches. He first takes some onion rings and green chutney on a plate, seasons the rings with some lemon juice and salt and serves perfectly grilled sandwiches with the same. According to the food blogger, the 75-year-old man sells these sandwiches for just ₹10. The video was uploaded a few days back and has garnered the attention of about 794k Instagram users and has 61.9k likes and hundreds of comments.

The comments section is filled with remarks from Instagram users who are filled with love, respect and gratitude for the hardworking man. Take a look at them:

“Hats off👏 lotz to learn for these kind of elders....”

“Waheguru ji meher Karo ji”

“Maine bhut bar khaya hai bhut mast bante h..”

If you want to help the man, you can visit his stall which is located near Azad Sweets, Kalupur, Ahmedabad. Do let us know what you think about this video.