Vicky Kaushal's Latest Indulgence Is A Foodie’s Dream
Image Credit: Image: Instagram/Shutterstock

Vicky Kaushal is one actor who is loved both on and off screen by millions of people. While his acting skills are proof of how immensely talented he is in front of the camera, his social media page gives a glimpse of his down-to-earth personality. The Sardam Udham star makes sure to share his everyday activities with his fans and followers on social media, and as a result, we are delighted by his fun car jams, interesting workout stories and some drool-worthy food. 

In his latest post, we got to see what Vicky treated himself to after a hectic and long night shoot. The actor, who is currently occupied with hectic schedules of various projects, indulged in a platter of banana waffles, after wrapping up a night shoot.  

Sharing a picture of the same on Instagram, Vicky wrote “Post night shoot indulgence”. In the picture, we could see the dessert with oodles of sugar icing besides chopped bananas all over. But the real icing on the top was chocolate sauce drizzled over it. Next to the waffles, we could also spot two small bowls, one of which seems to have whipped cream and the other could be strawberry syrup. Take a look: 

Looks decadent, doesn’t it? Seems like this is an incentive that drives the actor. Vicky simply loves these sweet treats and never misses a chance to dig in, and we can definitely relate. Thick, fluffy and crunchy, waffles are one of the most popular desserts across the world, and a breakfast choice of many. Topped with a sweet and colourful syrup or butter, they definitely stand out on most tables. While the classic, plain ones are comforting, certain toppings make them even better.  

If Vicky’s ‘post night shoot indulgence’ has made you crave some waffles too, we’ve got some options to try right here. 

1. Classic Waffles  

Classic yet the most wanted, a simple batter of flour, eggs, vanilla extract, sugar, and cinnamon can result in an aromatic, delicious waffle that you won’t be able to resist.  

2. Whole Grain Waffles 

Give a healthy spin to your classic waffles, and make it with whole-wheat flour. These light and crispy waffles can be topped with any sweet or tangy syrup or sauce including the usual maple syrup. 

3. Belgian Waffles 

A lighter batter and larger squares, Belgian waffles are made with simple ingredients but you can spruce them up with fruits of your choice. Crispier and fluffier Belgian waffles sure sound tempting.