Vicky Kaushal Doesn’t Skip His Greens Even On Vacation
Image Credit: Vicky Kaushal/Instagram, Fresh greens for Vicky Kaushal in Maldives.

There are many couples in Bollywood that give us couple goals on plenty of occasions. One such newly-wed duo are Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif. Not only do they look good together, it is often said that great minds think alike. This is quite apt in their case as both the actors are hard-core foodies and fitness freaks at the same time. Eating wholesome meals is Katrina’s go-to mantra to stay fit and Vicky seems to believe in it too. 

The couple is in Maldives to celebrate Katrina’s birthday and apart from lovely pictures, what we can spot are healthy eats. Recently, Vicky shared a picture of a well-laid table, filled with bowls of a scrumptious salad. Loaded with greens, the actor shared the picture while the chef was busy setting up other bowls for his guests. In the salad, we could see celery, some leafy greens like spinach and avocado too. 

While the bowl looked pretty tempting, it seems like Vicky is making his friends and family eat healthy too. It is also recommended by health experts to start the meal with a plate or bowlful of salad so as to fill the appetite and indulge less later. While the true Punjabi’s foodie side is no stranger to us, he doesn’t eat always dig into his cravings. In fact, he prefers to keep his diet balanced and healthy, with a mix of proteins, iron and other nutrients, as per an interview with a leading media publication. 

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While he is a hard-core non-vegetarian, he abstains from meat on Tuesdays as a form of detox. The actor loves eating healthy food as much as his butter chicken and aloo ke parathe. Earlier this year, he also shared how he manages to eat healthy even during shoots. His snack consisted of ragi chips with healthy dips and toppings. Similarly, Katrina also shared a healthy bowl from her Maldives vacation on her Instagram stories. Full of sliced mangoes and passion fruit, the actress called the dish Paradise.