House parties have kind of become a social trend. It's a wonderful way for everyone to get together and spend time together while engaging in robust conversation and, of course, eating. A party menu is largely organised by starters. There are numerous meals that can be made as starters, including paneer tikka, chilli potatoes, and bread rolls. More delicious vegetarian starter dishes that can be made at home with less effort and time are now being added to the collection of these delightful starter recipes. All of these foods are ideal for scheduled house parties as well as movie evenings with friends and family or when you get unannounced visitors.

Let's start with the recipes right away, without further ado-

Onion Rings

In American and British cuisine, an onion ring, also known as a French-fried onion ring is a type of appetiser or side dish. Typically, they are composed of a cross-sectional "ring" of onion that has been dipped in batter or bread crumbs and deep-fried; one alternative uses onion paste. Onion rings are frequently consumed by themselves despite being normally provided as a side dish. You can have them with dips or sauces.

Chilli Mushrooms

In the Indo-Chinese snack known as "chilli mushroom," crisp batter-fried mushrooms are combined with a hot, sour, and spicy chilli sauce. The earthy and nutty-smelling saucy mushrooms have a taste that is simply exquisite. Despite their similarities, the flavours of chilli mushroom and mushroom Manchurian are significantly distinct.

Chilli mushroom/

Chilli Garlic Potato Bites

Comfort food that is perfect for being a party starter. It is made with boiled potatoes infused with garlic chunks and chilli flakes. The crunchy texture and soft-boiled interiors make it a perfect snack. It is loved by everyone of all age groups. Serve them with chilli sauce and mayo.

Crispy Corn

The snack known as "crispy corn" is made by frying maize kernels and seasoning them with spice powders. Restaurants and fast food outlets make crispy corn in a variety of ways. Cornflour-based coatings ranging from extremely thin to thick may be found on crispy corn. You can mix it with different veggies to create an enhanced version of crispy corn.