Vegetarian Food In Lakshadweep: 8 Dishes To Enjoy

Boasting blue waters, white sand beaches, and picturesque views, Lakshadweep is a destination worth exploring in India. Its vibrant culture, flavourful cuisine, and coastal habitation deserve the attention of every tourist. While its cuisine is inspired by Kerala and other nearby coastal regions, there are a few vegetarian delicacies that one cannot miss out on while travelling around the union territory. 

Video Credit: Shamees Kitchen/ YouTube

During Indian PM Narendra Modi’s recent visit to the Lakshadweep islands, these vegetarian foods of the archipelago became a focus of discussion, and for good reason. If you are someone who relishes plant and dairy-based meals and are worried about whether there will be enough options to try out in Lakshadweep, then here are some of the local savouries and sweet delicacies of Lakshadweep that you can rely on. Add them to your must-try list while visiting the Lakshadweep islands.

Mushroom Thoran

Since Lakshadweep is an archipelago comprising 36 islands, the climate supports the cultivation of mushrooms. Therefore, natives love to enjoy mushroom thoran, which is a stir-fry delicacy. Eateries prepare it with home-grown mushrooms, aromatic spices, and grated coconut. The sweet and spicy notes of the dish will leave you impressed with this dish, and you will definitely like to try it out in your kitchen when you come back home. 

Moah Appam

If you have a sweet tooth, you must try moah appam in Lakshadweep. These are sweetened rice cakes that melt in your mouth and leave you in gastronomical heaven. The dish is prepared with rice cakes sweetened with coconut milk and sugar. After relishing savouries, this is a must-try dish on the island if you want to experience local cuisine and culture.


Bonda or sweet potato bonda is another vegetarian savoury from the Union territory. It is a must-try irrespective of your culinary preferences. The snack is prepared by mixing boiled sweet potatoes with spices and deep fried after dipping them into a mixture of gram flour. Bonda can be consumed for breakfast or tea-time snacks. It can also be carried in a lunch box when you are planning to explore nearby islands. 

 Coconut Rice

Have you ever tried coconut rice? It is a simple yet flavourful recipe in which cooked rice grains are tossed in a pan in grated coconut or coconut milk. The dish is tempered with curry leaves, mustard seeds, and coconut oil to elevate the flavours. It has a subtle sweet note that will leave you wanting more.


Lakshadweep has plenty of rice, banana, and coconut production, therefore, most of the sweet delicacies are made using these two ingredients. Unnakaya is a delicious delicacy made using grated coconut and mashed banana. You can enhance the richness of the dish by adding finely chopped dry fruits of your choice. Steamed and mashed bananas are filled and sealed with the flavourful filling and deep fried until they turn brown.


When you are craving something flavourful and spicy, you must try avial, which is a mixed vegetable curry. It is seasoned with curry leaves and coconut oil that enhance its richness. Grated coconut is also used in the preparation of this dish which makes it stand out among other types of vegetable curries that you have tried before. 

Ela Ada

Another dish for people with a sweet tooth must try out is ela ada, an auspicious dish that is also very popular in Kerala. In this dish, rice parcels are filled with a mixture of jaggery and grated coconut. It is not only rich in flavours, especially of cardamom and coconut, but also nutritious. The rice pancakes are steamed to perfection in banana leaves.

Banana Flower Curry

Since Lakshadweep witnessed an abundance of banana production of bananas, natives use the flower of the fruit to prepare a delicacy. This curry is a unique blend of coconut, banana flowers, and spices. The flowers are cleaned, chopped, and immersed in cold water to prevent oxidation. You can also prepare the base of the curry using onion and garnish the final dish with finely chopped fresh coriander leaves.