Vegetarian & Worried About Fat Intake? 5 Healthy Sources Of Fat

In order to live a healthy lifestyle, it is important to include all kinds of nutrients in your diet. But most of us focus on only a few, like protein, fibre, and vitamins, while the rest are never on our priority list. Talking particularly about fats, it is a renowned myth that they are bad for our health and must be completely avoided. However, that’s not true.

According to a report by Harvard Medical School, healthy fats are essential for maintaining overall health. It helps the body absorb vitamins, which in turn are converted into energy. They also promote hormone production, cell growth, and organ protection. So, do not skip consuming fat; all you need to do is choose wisely what you are eating.

If you are also looking for some healthy fat sources for yourself, here are five vegetarian options for you: 


Nuts are one of the most nutritious foods on earth. Easy to include in our diet, they are high in fibre and protein, along with healthy fats. Hazelnuts, pistachios, walnuts, almonds, cashews, and peanuts are some popular options for healthy fats. Apart from being enjoyed as a snack, nuts can be included in smoothies, oatmeal, bread, salads, granola bars, and desserts.


Just like nuts, chia, hemp, sunflower, pumpkin, sesame, and flax seeds are another incredible source of healthy fat. According to HealthifyMe, seeds are rich in complex carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and dietary fibre. The good fats in seeds give plenty of energy to the body and nourish the blood cells. Seeds can be enjoyed as snacks, salads, raita, soups, shakes, and cereals. 


No doubt, grains are one of the most versatile and healthy food items that improve overall health. But did you know that these tiny pearls also have an ideal amount of healthy fats? Oats, buckwheat, barley, and quinoa are some popular choices for adding healthy fat to your diet. Grains can be enjoyed as salads, soups, bread, idlis, puddings, smoothies, and desserts. 


Coconut products, including its meat, oil, milk, and water, are extremely nutritious. All of them contain an ideal amount of fibre, iron, manganese, and copper, along with healthy fat. You can replace your regular cooking oil with coconut oil to make your meals more nutritious, and coconut milk can be used in smoothies, porridge, and desserts. 

Dark Chocolate

If you want to consume healthy fats in a delicious way, then nothing can be better than dark chocolate. Made with cacao, it is loaded with healthy fats and antioxidants that provide plenty of benefits to the body. According to Healthline, dark chocolates manage blood pressure, improve heart health, and are also good for brain function. Apart from enjoying it on its own, dark chocolate can be added to bread, cakes, muffins, smoothies, shakes, and energy bars.