Vegetable Salad Rolls; Perfect Dinner For Weight Loss
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These vegetable salad rolls are something I know you're going to adore preparing (and eating). You're going to first notice how professional they appear after finishing. The knowledge that you can fill them with whatever you choose is the second thing. We decided on a unique combination of tofu, greens, herbs, and fresh, vibrantly flavoured vegetables. This recipe for vegetarian rolls has so many delicious possibilities that you might end up eating them for your main course.


  1. 12 rice paper spring roll wrappers, soaked
  2. 1 cup each, julienned: radish, carrot, asparagus, red pepper, mini cucumber, scallions, Savoy cabbage, and tofu
  3. 1 cup each: wheatgrass, sunflower sprouts, cilantro microgreens, Thai basil
  4. 1 mango, cut into thin strips
  5. ½ cup each chopped scallion and mint
  6. To serve:
  7. Small lime wedges and dipping sauces

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  1. Lay a clean dish towel out flat on your work surface after soaking it in cool water and ringing it out.
  2. Prepare the ingredients for the filling and arrange them for easy access on a large platter or in bowls.
  3. Warm water should be put in a big basin or pie plate. One of the spring roll wrappers should be completely submerged for around 30 seconds or until it becomes malleable and soft. Spread out the softened wrapper flatly on the wet dish towel as soon as you get it there.
  4. At one end of the wrapper, arrange the filling ingredients in a strip. As you add the components, mix them together to make a vibrant mixture.
  5. To make the rolls, fold the edge of the wrapper over the ingredient pile from where you want to start your roll. Next, fold the wrapper's sides in the same direction so that they will form the roll's ends. Now, fold it up tightly, being sure to enclose the entire filling. Place the roll-out onto a lovely serving platter after cutting it in half at an angle. Continue with the remaining ingredients or spring roll wrappers.
  6. With dipping sauce, please.