Looking For A Healthy Bite? 6 High-Protein Tofu Snacks
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Global consumption of tofu is widespread due to its immense versatility. It is suitable for absorbing copious amounts of flavour, is healthy, and is simple to cook with. Tofu is frequently undervalued. It's a common misconception that vegetarians and vegans substitute this flavourless substance for meat. And it's so much more than just a great plant-based protein to replace meat, even if that is true.

Depending on whatever variety you choose, tofu may have an incredible texture that is hard and thick or soft and smooth. Add it to soups, fry or bake it with a lot of seasoning, or combine it with other components to make sauces or vegan cheese alternatives.

Its flavour is sufficiently subtle to absorb many flavours from the food you're preparing. It is also very reasonably priced and has a good shelf life. It's strongly advised that you use tofu in your cooking right away if you haven't previously and you can try these snack recipes here.

What Is Tofu?

Soybean curd or bean curd is another name for tofu. This plant-based food is inexpensive, readily available, adaptable, high in protein, and can be included in a healthy diet.

You can use dried or fresh soybeans to make tofu. To create a liquid, soak, boil, and filter the soybeans. To curdle, or "set," the liquid, either calcium or magnesium is often added; this process is analogous to how cottage cheese is curdled from cow's milk. White blocks are formed out of the curds. The amount of liquid squeezed from the curds determines how hard the tofu is.

Tofu Snack Recipes

Tofu Scramble

When properly cooked, tofu can imitate scrambled eggs with remarkable accuracy. You may keep it basic with a little salt and sliced onion, or make a dinner-worthy tofu scramble loaded with veggies and spices. There are a thousand different ways to scramble tofu, and the best part is that it's difficult to go wrong. Serve it as it is or with roti, parathi, or even naan for a high-protein meal.

Grilled Tofu Chunks

You should light the grill in the appropriate weather. Extra-firm tofu absorbs the smoky flavours of the grill so well, and the char marks provide a great visual element as well as a real flavour boost. Try covering your grilled tofu with your preferred dry rub for vegans or smearing it in barbecue sauce. Pro tip: Sear tofu in a cast-iron skillet to mimic the feel of an outside grill indoors.

Tofu Egg Salad

A plain block of firm tofu can turn into a perfectly good egg salad by adding a little vegan mayonnaise or a sprinkling of certain spices. For the latter, combine crushed tofu with your preferred egg salad toppings (mustard, celery, salt, pepper, etc.) along with a couple of dollops of mayo and nutritional yeast.

Tofu Croutons

Tofu croutons. Do we really need to say more? Baked, seasoned tofu cubes work like magic to turn plain creamy soups and salads into hearty, filling dinners. Any leftovers may be refrigerated to quickly include protein and texture into any meal. Not only that you can also eat these croutons directly as they are loaded with flavour and crunch.

Tofu Soup

Like a sponge, tofu absorbs the flavours of its surroundings. There's no better way to infuse flavour than to immerse it in a robust broth. Add a few cubes of soft tofu to a basic miso soup to give it more body, or create a robust Korean tofu soup with lots of veggies and spices that can be prepared in one pot. As a general rule, you can add tofu to a clear broth and still anticipate wonderful results.

Tofu Nuggets

Nuggets are popular right now, and making vegan chicken nuggets at home is simple with these breaded tofu pieces. Extra-firm tofu can also be thinly sliced and served in a marinara sauce-covered dish such as tofu piccata. Bonus: breading is a simple method to cover up tofu, so it's a great way to prepare it for people who aren't convinced about it.