Veg Pulao: An All-Time Favourite Choice For Lunch
Image Credit: Veg Pulao is the ultimate rice dish for Vegetarians | Instagram - @meeshusr

Pulao is considered affluent, mainly due to its use of classy spices and its outstanding aroma. Veg pulao is known by different names such as pulav, pilaf, and pulao, and is a common dish in India, where it is also called Veg Biryani. There are so many ways to prepare veg pulao, but this brahmin style can make you aperitive. This is a perfect meal for your lazy summer, where you can enjoy this meal without feeling lazy.

Basically, veg pulao is a one-pot dish and is easy to cook. This dish is full of a bowl of veggies, which includes profound nutrition. This food item is easily digestible on its own. You do not need to exert much effort to digest it like other dishes. It is important to add this meal to your routine where you can get a good source of fibre and it can enhance your mood as well. You can even serve this fluffy, simple, and flavorful dish in front of your guests in a minimal amount of time and get praise for it.

½ cup of water