Veg Manchurian: A Yummy Dish Cooked Sans Garlic And Onion
Image Credit: Veg Manchurian

This Veg Manchurian recipe is ideal for folks who enjoy Indo-Chinese cuisine. This no garlic and no onion version of Vegetable Manchurian is fantastic to serve to youngsters or even guests because it is so full of healthy vegetables. If you've ever wondered that how to make restaurant-style Veg Manchurian at home, this simple Veg Manchurian recipe is the answer. The best way to eat a Manchurian meal is with fried rice, pan-fried noodles, or Hakka noodles.

Vegetable Manchurian is the ideal mash-up of delectable Manchurian balls cooked in a rich sauce and stir-fried veggies. You may also serve this delectable meal as an appetiser during gatherings and game nights. You can alter this dish by including more chillies if you enjoy food that is especially hot and are a spice addict. 

Veg Manchurian, like many other Indian Chinese cuisines, originated in Kolkata's Indo Chinese eateries in the 1970s. It takes culinary cues from the Manchuria region of NorthEast China. Since there are so many vegetarians in India, a vegetarian version of the dish was developed. Originally, the manchurian sauce was made with chicken.

Manchurian often has a rich brown colour and is heavily soy sauce based. Coriander and green chilies, which weren't previously included in the meal, were added as a result of the Indian influence. 

Here’s the recipe for Veg Manchurian.


For the manchurian balls:

    1 cup cabbage (shredded)

    ¼ cup carrot (grated)

    1 tsp ginger (grated)

    1 tsp soy sauce

    1 tsp salt

    2 tbsps maida

    1 tbsp corn flour

    Oil, to deep fry

For the gravy:

    1 tsp oil

    1 cup red bell pepper (finely chopped)

    1 green bell pepper (finely chopped)

    1 yellow bell pepper (finely chopped)

    ¼ cup green beans (finely chopped)

    ¼ cup carrot (finely chopped)

    2 green chillies (finely chopped)

    1 tsp ginger (finely chopped)

    Salt, to taste

    1 tsp soy sauce

    2 tsp tomato ketchup

    1 tsp sugar

    3 tbsps chilled water

    1 tbsp corn flour

    Coriander leaves, to garnish


    All of the ingredients listed under ‘For the manchurian balls’ need to be put together in a mixing bowl, before forming the balls.

    Heat enough oil in a wok to deep fry.

    Cook the balls, then set them aside.

    Add the oil to a saucepan along with all the dry ingredients for the gravy, stir well, and cook for two minutes.

    Cook for two more minutes after adding the water.

    Add the cornflour slurry at this point and whisk constantly until the mixture thickens noticeably.

    Now, combine the balls thoroughly with the gravy.