Varun Dhawan Feasts On Traditional Goan Meal With Wife

Varun Dhawan is rarely known to be a big foodie, all thanks to his demanding fitness regimen and rigorous diets. However, even the most disciplined need a break from routine sometimes, with a comforting, home-style meal for company. Taking a break from his busy schedule to spend some much-needed quality time with his wife Natasha Dalal, Varun Dhawan appeared to be in great spirits when he posted a video of the couple ready to enjoy a traditional Goan lunch. Showcasing a delicious thali-like spread brimming with bowlfuls of delectable preparations, the feast included a chutney-like preparation of brinjal mashed with yoghurt, green chillies and onions.

Furthermore, the meal also showcased a vegetable caldeen curry flavoured with cumin, coriander and chillies, bhenyacho ros – a tangy Goan curry made with okra, rava fried slices of brinjal, raw banana and potatoes, dalicho ros – a Goan-style lentil curry, a masala omelette and a small helping of finely chopped pickled mango. Local red Goan rice – or ukad sheet – as well as freshly baked poee bread were served alongside in small plates, to accompany the meal. Although Varun wasn’t visible on camera, he couldn’t contain himself from expressing his delight, as his wife appeared to be all smiles and excited to sample the dishes.

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Despite following a protein-heavy diet of egg whites, grilled chicken, vegetables and healthy snacks to maintain a fit physique, the actor is known to be someone who is supported in his health journey by his wife. A little while ago, Varun had also shared a sneak peek of his lunch dabba that Natasha had packed for him – which contained three different types of veggie preparations, along with rotis and dahi on the side. When taking time off from shooting, the actor also enjoys devouring burgers while unwinding at home.