Beyond Chocolates, 6 Other Delights You Can Gift Your Partner

It's Valentine's Week and couples are busy finding the perfect gift for their partner. However, every Chocolate Day, February 9, 2024, you give an assorted box of chocolates. This year, it is time to shift the gears and look for other delectables that will make your partner’s day. The whole point of celebrating Chocolate Day is it symbolises passion and romance between a couple. 

Video Credit: Chef Ranveer Brar/ YouTube

It is a way for people to extend warmth towards their significant others. But what if your beau or bae doesn't like chocolates? There are other sweet dishes that offer a sugary rush and encourage the body to release happy hormones. Moreover, if you present something other than chocolates, your partner will think that you put a lot of effort into planning the gift. Here are a few options for you to try out.


One of the few ways to relive your childhood with your partner is to give them colourful candies. Available on Amazon, you can order a hamper of candies from House of Candy. The assorted boxes come with all kinds of sugary delights, including fruit candies, rainbow candies, marshmallows, colourful jellies, and whatnot. You and your better half can enjoy it for weeks.


Macarons are French delectables, similar to cream biscuits. You must remember how fun it used to be to break two sides of the biscuit apart to lick the cream in the middle. Compared to your favourite cream biscuits, macarons are softer and more delicate. If you live in a metropolitan area, you can get them delivered from any food ordering platform. If you are located in Delhi, Kolkata, and Mumbai, you can try Flurys’ flavourful macarons. 


What is better than chocolates are chocolate-flavoured doughnuts. The fluffy round delights are among the most cherished confections. Mad Over Donuts and Dunkin’ Donuts are quite famous in cities like Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Chennai, etc, for selling lip-smacking doughnuts in multiple flavours other than chocolates.


There is no better way of saying how much you love and cherish your bae or beau than ordering a cheesecake for them on Chocolate Day. If you are a fan of F.R.I.E.N.D.S., you would remember how greedy Rachel and Chandler became after stealing their neighbour’s cheesecake. You and your partner can have similar intensity of fun while cuddling in bed and digging your forks into the cream cheesecake. 

Baked Goods

Instead of chocolates, you can give your significant other a hamper of baked goods containing crunchy cookies, melt-in-the-mouth sweet delicacies, jar cakes, dry cakes, brownies, and other sweet delights. If you live in Noida, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Gurugram, and Bengaluru, you can order a hamper from Bakingo. You can also purchase these hampers in a pastry cafe or confectionery shop near your house.

Lastly, if you are married to the idea of gifting chocolates to your loved ones on Chocolate Day, and they cherish it, try to find hampers containing assorted chocolate options instead of the regular ones that can be bought at any nearby general store. Ferns N Petals has alluring chocolate boxes that can make even a chocolate hater drool.