Valentine’s Day 2024: 5 Easy-To-Make Foods For A Movie Date
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Valentine’s Day is celebrated in a plethora of ways, from partners exchanging presents to going out for meals. Some couples also commemorate this day by staying in and watching movies. After all, an entire genre of cinema, composed of “rom-coms,” has been dedicated to love and romance. Classic rom-coms, such as Notting Hill, Runaway Bride, and When Harry Met Sally, are popularly viewed on Valentine’s Day as they typically renew people’s faith in love, and fill them with joy and optimism.

The movie-watching experience is incomplete without delectable dishes for the audience to tuck into. And romance-themed foods, such as heart-shaped pizzas and chocolate-drenched strawberries are the way to go for an intimate Valentine’s Day movie date night. Foods rich in aphrodisiacs are also recommended for the evening as aphrodisiacs are known to hold properties that stimulate one’s senses, and thus, help heighten the atmosphere of romance and passion. Here is a list of five easy-to-make foods you can treat your partner to for a perfect Valentine’s Day movie date.

Heart-Shaped Pizza

In contemporary society, the heart symbol is perhaps the most powerful representation of love, which is why heart-shaped foods are all the rage during Valentine’s Day. You can demonstrate your love for your partner by baking them an easy-peasy heart-shaped pizza. Roll out and flatten the pizza dough as usual, and then mould the dough into the shape of a heart by narrowing the bottom, and folding the top edges. Spread the pizza sauce over the dough and add toppings of your choice, bake the pizza, and savour it with your partner as you watch your favourite rom-com!

Guacamole and Chips

Guacamole is an enriching and an appetising avocado-based dip that is very easy to prepare. Being made of avocado, it boasts aphrodisiacal qualities, making it a perfect food for Valentine’s Day. To prepare this juicy and multi-layered dip, mash the avocado in a serving bowl, and then mix it with onion, tomato, and garlic; season this mixture with lime juice, salt, and pepper. Refrigerate the guacamole for about 30 minutes to ensure the flavours meld. Voila! Your luscious dip is ready to consume; enjoy it with some chips as you and your partner take in the movie.

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Rainbow Salad

The rainbow salad is a healthy, vibrant, and colourful dish that is not only visually appealing, helping arouse one’s senses, but also healthy and wholesome. You can prepare it using a host of ingredients, including cherry tomatoes, carrots, mint, cucumber, pistachios, and red cabbage. Many of these foods are antioxidants as well as aphrodisiacs, thus, they are sure to heighten the aura of passion that already permeates through Valentine’s Day, creating a romantic movie-watching experience. You can dress the salad with balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and tahini to lend it added flavour and texture.

Paneer/Chicken Tikka

This dish is dedicated to all the Desi food lovers out there. Spice up your movie night with your partner by digging into succulent paneer or chicken tikkas. Depending on your preference, marinate chunks of paneer/chicken in spiced yoghurt and grill them till they’ve been perfectly cooked. Pair the paneer/chicken chunks with a refreshing mint chutney; the creaminess of the protein coupled with the tanginess of the chutney is guaranteed to cause an explosion of flavours in your mouth as well as enrich yours and your partner’s movie-watching experience.

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Chocolate-Drenched Strawberries

End your movie night on a sweet note with some delightfully sinful chocolate-drenched strawberries. Not only are chocolate and strawberry a deadly combination but they are also both aphrodisiacs, providing a kick to the senses, and setting the mood for all things love and romance. This sweet treat is extremely easy to craft; melt some chocolate and carefully dip the strawberries into the chocolate. You can garnish the strawberries with funky ingredients, such as chocolate bits or chocolate drizzle. Once cooled, relish this decadent sweet treat with your special someone!