Valentine's Day 2023: Go "Nuts" About Your Bae
Image Credit: Different nuts, Pexels

Valentine's Day is a celebration of love, a time to cherish and honour the sweet connections that bring us joy. While most people associate love with different foods and drinks, I couldn't ignore the nuts. Wondering why? Remember the American English term "be nuts about"? It means to be overly or excessively enthusiastic about something, to be ardent in one's adoration for something. It also means to be madly in love with. Isn't it enough to prove nuts' prowess in matters of love? And what is better way to celebrate this day than by exploring the nutty side of love? 

Nuts have long been a symbol of love, embodying the richness and satisfaction of relationships. So, let's delve into the symbolism of the five nuts and how they represent the many facets of love. On Valentine's Day, learn about 5 nuts to express your love. 


These petite and delicate treats are synonymous with happiness and good luck. Almonds symbolise the joy and delight of being in love and the sweet and light-hearted moments we share with our loved ones. In many cultures, almonds are also believed to bring good luck and prosperity. Whether you are snacking on a handful of almonds or using them as an ingredient in your favourite recipes, these little wonders are sure to bring a smile and a touch of magic to your life. So go ahead and savour each almond, knowing they embody all life's joy, love, and happiness.


Hazelnuts and chocolate, Image Surce: Pexels

Rich and nutty, these succulent nuts embody the depth and richness of love. They represent the fullness and sweetness of life shared with someone you adore and the indulgence of every moment spent together. Their versatility knows no bounds, as they can be enjoyed in sweet and savoury dishes. Hazelnuts let you go nuts about your bae and express your love. They can be roasted and salted for a crunchy snack, blended into creamy and smooth hazelnut butter, or used to add a nutty crunch to your favourite baked goods. So go ahead and savour each bite of these rich and nutty treats. Let them remind you of the depth and sweetness of life shared with someone you love and the indulgence of every moment spent together.


Pistachios are not just a snack but a burst of vividness and vitality. They capture the essence of falling in love with their eye-catching green shells and sweet, nutty flavour. Each crunchy bite is like a step into the unknown, full of excitement and anticipation. Just like new love, pistachios bring an air of playfulness and joy. They symbolise the lighthearted moments shared with those we care about, reminding us to cherish the simple pleasures in life. Whether you're snacking on them solo or sharing them with friends, pistachios will surely bring a smile and excitement to your life. So, open a box of pistachios and, like new love, enjoy the unknown, embrace its rich flavour, and let it stimulate your senses.

Macadamia nuts

Macadamia nuts, a symbol of security in relationship, Image Source: Pexels

These delectable nuts are silky smooth and creamy, representing comfort and security in a relationship. Macadamia nuts represent the deep, sustaining nature of long-term love and the unwavering support we find in the arms of our partners. Yes, eat these yummy nuts because they are worth it. In this way, they can be a constant reminder of the dependability of your love which is so strong that it can't be stopped by anything in the universe.


Walnuts represent the power of love to endure and the resilience of the human spirit. Firm and steadfast, these nuts signify the stability and durability of love. They symbolise the enduring nature of relationships, the strength to weather life's storms, and our unwavering commitment to each other. So, add them to your meal and enjoy every last one of these hardy nuts. Allow them to be a constant reminder of the dedication of your love and the constancy of your devotion to one another.

So, this Valentine's Day, why not celebrate the nutty romance of love? Give your sweetheart a handful of these crunchy treats, celebrate the many facets of love, and honour the sweet connections in your life. Go 'nuts' about your bae!