Valentine’s Day 2022: 5 Easy Desserts To Impress Your Special Someone
Image Credit: Image: Pixabay

So, the month of love is here, and with Valentine’s Day just a week away, there’s no reason romance shouldn’t be in the air. While some of us may think it is overrated, let’s be honest that expressing love to someone can never be overrated no matter how grand or small the gesture might be. If you ask me, there is perhaps nothing more caring and significant than showing your special someone your love by cooking for them. 

The thought and efforts that go into creating something beautiful with your very own hands are unmatched. Be it a full-fledged meal or just a cute little cupcake, anything will do the trick as long as you do it. Like that, a dessert never goes out of fashion, especially when the day love is around the corner.  

Cakes, pastries, cupcakes or cookies - whatever your choice might be, no Valentine's Day is complete without indulging in them. If you are preparing to surprise your special someone with your baking skills, we’ve got your back. We bring you a selection of a few such 'sweet somethings' that you both can not only gorge on, but also recreate easily. So, go on and spoil yourselves with these lovelies…  

1. Valentines Love Bug Cupcakes 

These cute and easy 'love bug' cupcakes are made with just a handful of ingredients and are too delicious to resist. Butter, caster sugar, flour, vanilla extract, eggs and milk come together for this irresistible treat. 

2. Valentine Brownies 

What’s better than some chocolate heart-shaped brownies to celebrate the day of love? Your favourite chocolate flavour is made into decadent brownies in the shape of a heart. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? 

3. No Bake Valentine’s Cake 

Looking for a super easy recipe? This no-bake cake is a great hack. Just some buttercream and red icing doing the thing! 

4. Cheesecake Stuffed Red Velvet Cookies

Just thinking about these makes me slurp! If your special someone loves cheesecake, it can’t get any better. The crispness of cookies coupled with creamy cheesecake filled inside, all with the flavour of red velvet, is sure to make you drool. 

5. Red Velvet Cheesecake 

If cookies aren’t your thing and want to go full board with cheesecake, this red velvet one is your best bet. With an Oreo cookie crust and an ultra-creamy top, the balance is unreal. 

All set to bake and impress this Valentine’s Day? Do let us know your experience.