Pahadi Cravings Alert: 5 Delish Street Foods From Uttarakhand
Image Credit: Kumaoni dal vada

The mention of Uttarakhand is enough to evoke images of undulating mountains and green valleys. The natural beauty of the state is unmatchable. No wonder people from across the country and even abroad visit the place to relax and unwind, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. But the speciality of Uttarakhand doesn’t end there, as its street food items are equally fascinating. The state will not disappoint you if you look for something spicy and delightful to eat. So, let’s learn about some famous street foods from Uttarakhand.


Gulgula is a famous sweet street food item in Uttarakhand. It’s made from jaggery wheat flour and served with sour-spicy coriander and mint chutney. In some parts of the state, people also use cornflour to make these delicious gulgulas. This dish’s preparation and cooking time is meagre and requires minimum ingredients.

Stick Jaw Toffee

Butter toffee, also known as stick jaws, will take sweet lovers to a different world. It is a famous street food among locals and tourists. However, Uttarakhand’s ancient and authentic English bakeries are also known for their deliciously baked butter toffee cookies, stick jaws cakes and other sweet treats. 

Kumaoni Dal Vada

There is always a massive demand for Kumaoni dal vada, as they are readily available at street stalls. To make this savoury item, the delicious Kumaoni dal is first mixed with spices and seasonings, and then the golden brown, crunchy pakoras are served hot with green chutney. 

Aloo Ke Gutke

Aloo ke gutke is one of Uttarakhand's most famous street food items. These spicy-hot potato starters can be enjoyed at a nominal cost. The potato wedges are stir-fried and pepped up with authentic spices. These are mostly eaten during the winter season.

Bun Tikki

Bun tikki is a famous street food of Uttarakhand, loved by the local people and easily found on various stalls. These crunchy buns are served hot in two slices with chutney, curd and onions.

Chilli Momos

Are you a momo fan? If so, you should try this most-loved street food once. Kalsang Restaurant and Café in Dehradun serves delicious and unique hot chilli momos.

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