Use These Quick Hacks To Ripen Bananas
Image Credit: Ripening bananas at home is not complicated at all

When you see a bunch of bananas lying untouched on the table, there are usually just two reasons behind it – either they are not ripe yet or they are overripe. Banana is a fruit that is extremely common in Indian households. They are used in multiple dishes, eaten raw, ripe and overripe and devoured as sweet and savoury dishes. But what if the bunch of bananas you bought from your convenience store thinking they are ripe enough to eat are not quite there yet? Do you throw those bananas or wait for an eternity for them to ripen? No, with the amazing tricks that we are going to share with you, you can quickly ripen your bananas at home, depending upon the time-frame in which you want that to happen.

Before we delve deeper into the tips and tricks to ripen bananas, let us look at some fascinating facts about it.

  • Banana is technically a berry, not a fruit because it has seeds inside the flesh, not outside.
  • Bananas are cultivated by the process of cloning as planting the seeds of a banana does not work.
  • Bananas are actually radioactive, but to be really harmful to human health, we need to keep eating 700 bananas daily for 80 years!
  • Bananas might not initially have been cultivated as food, but as a source of fibre. 

After these interesting facts, let us see how we can ripen bananas really easily at home.

Banana is a great source of potassium | Unsplash

1. Keeping the bananas together – Since bananas grow in a bunch, they ripen in a bunch too. Do not separate them and let them be connected. Keeping the entire bunch together may get it to ripen at a rapid rate, within a day.

2. Keep the bananas in a warm place. This method also takes a little close to an entire day.

3. Keeping your bananas wrapped in a paper bag helps too. So, wrap them up properly and your bunch will ripen in 12 hours.

4. If you need a very quick solution, you can use your oven. Heat brings out the sugar, so put your unpeeled bananas in a tray and get them to ripen at 300 degrees for 15 minutes. When the peel becomes shiny black, your bananas ripen.

5. The same process can be followed while using a microwave, but the duration is much lower. Just put a couple slices on the peel, put it in the microwave for 30 seconds – 1 minute. And you are done!

These methods are sure-shot ways to get your bananas to become the perfect consistency for you to devour the fruit. Try these quick hacks for a quick result.