Use Puff Pastry In These Deliciously Simple Ways At Home
Image Credit: Unsplash

A lot of times we tend to assume that most artisanal baked food could be a task to replicate at home. Of course, making something as complicated and intensive as puff pastry is not always possible but sometimes it doesn’t always have to be perfect. Home food is meant to make you feel at ease and feel comfortable. Making small tweaks in the way we cook things doesn’t necessarily mean compromising on quality or taste. In fact, an ingredient like puff pastry can be mended and spruced in ways that are simple and convenient. You could always make sure to use the best quality ingredients available – whether it’s meat, fruit or anything you choose you encase in a buttery pastry sheet. Here’s some fun ways to start off.

Fruit Tartlets

 With some kind of seasonal fruit always being in season, it is easy to find something delicious to contain inside puff pastry squares, mixed with sugar, vanilla and other spices. Fruit tartlets are a great take on a classic Tarte Tatin which contains caramel and fruit enveloped in flaky pastry before baking.

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Hand Pies

If you prefer your pastry shell with some sort of a savoury filling, making these simple hand pies is only a work of mere moments. Stuff it with delicious things like chicken pot pie, chilli or even fajita vegetables for a quick snack that can be eaten on the go. It works wonderfully as an upgrade on a lunch sandwich.

French Palmiers

Also known as elephant ears due to their fanned shape, this simple, flaky snack is basically sliced puff pastry sprinkled with sugar crystals and baked briefly. Perfect to dip into a cup of tea or eat with a dollop of cream and berries for an instant bite-sized dessert.

Chocolate Croissants

Making breakfast doesn’t always have to be doing the bare minimum or elaborate beyond compare. Sometimes finding a balance between the two and feeling a sense of accomplishment is more than enough. Having a sheet of frozen puff pastry and a large bar of good quality chocolate is all you need for a breakfast of warm chocolate croissants, when baked in the oven for 15-20 minutes while you kick off the day.

Breakfast Tarts

Think of puff pastry as a flakier, buttery-er cousin to toast and the world will be your oyster from then on. Crack an egg, add some cheese and onions and bake in the oven until it turns golden brown. Craving some pizza for breakfast? Throw in some tomatoes, basil and goat cheese for a breakfast spin on it.