In a bizarre turn of events, a reporter from Mississippi, USA decided to chomp down nine waffles in 15 hours after losing in his fantasy football league. The US man named Lee Sanderlin, apparently, did so to ‘punish’ himself. He also started a twitter thread in which he gave his followers a status update on all the nine waffles as they arrived in front of him. The thread is going viral on the internet, and the netizens cannot get over the unique way of expressing grief.  

Sanderlin, spent close to a day in a restaurant named ‘Waffle House’ eating the waffles and documenting his ‘punishment’.  

“I am coming to you live from a Brandon, Mississippi Waffle House. I, a total loser, came in last place in my fantasy football league. As punishment, I spend 24 hours in a Waffle House. Every waffle I eat shaves an hour off the clock... It’s 4:07 Central. I got some books, some magazines and some podcasts. And two waffles to start,” he wrote in his viral post.  

He was off to a good start, in about 2 hours he finished two waffles, “2 down. That means two hours down. 21.37 hours left roughly. Already my stomach is rumbling. Gonna be a long one. The staff does not believe me that I’ll be here that long. Little do they know,” he added, along with a picture of himself”, Sanderlin wrote in his thread.  

Things began to heat up later in the day. Despite his “immense discomfort”, he gobbled up 4 waffles in 1.5 hours. “Please, somebody, launch me into the sun,” he wrote on his twitter thread. By 11.31 pm he finished his seventh waffle and placed order for two more by 7 a.m.  

In conclusion he wrote that he’d never have more waffles in his life. “That’s nine waffles and 15 hours in this restaurant. Shoutout to the staff for letting me hang out on a slow night (I tipped them well, don’t worry). This was horrible and I recommend no one ever do this.”