US Eatery Sells Dosa As ‘Naked Crepe’ For ₹1,400

Indian food has found fans across the globe today. In the US especially, Indian food is all the rage, with several Indian restaurants situated in every popular neighbourhood. Dishes like Dals, Curries and Dosas have gained quite some popularity over the past, however, a certain restaurant was convinced that their Dosa draws more customers as a ‘Naked Crepe’. 

A US restaurant, named Indian Crepe Co., is serving up many traditional South Indian foods in their menu, however, they are creating buzz for the rather unique names like ‘Dunked Rice Cake Delight’, ‘Naked Crepe’, ‘Smashed Potato Crepe’, and ‘Dunked Doughnut Delight’. Wondering what these items are doing on a South Indian menu? It’s because these are essentially Idli-Sambar, Plain Dosa, Masala Dosa, and Medu Vada respectively.  

A Twitter user recently posted a screengrab of the restaurant’s menu on Twitter which has left many desi netizens unimpressed. But the names weren’t the only bothersome part of the post. The netizens weren’t particularly concerned about the prices of dishes either. The naked crepe or the plain dosa would cost you around $17.59 (approx ₹1,404), if you order the same ‘crepe’ with the masala or spicy potato filling, you would have to shell out an extra dollar. The ‘Dunked Doughnut Delight’ was priced at $16.49 (₹1,316), while the ‘Dunked Rice Cake Delight’ at $15.39 (₹1,228).

The internet is abuzz with reactions. One of the users pointed out that no one tries giving a suitable ‘English name’ for sushi or sashimi in their restaurants, so why must Indian dishes be sold under bizarre English names. “I hate it when Indian names are not used. Sushi and Sashimi are easily used and everyone understands what they are. I believe it is Indians who do not like to use Indian names - Westerners are OK with it,” the user wrote. “If Mendu Vada had an association, they would have sued them till now,” wrote another disgruntled user.

There were a few who thought that these names may help the local English-speaking population to warm up to the dishes better, but they too were shocked at the rates. Where have you had the most expensive dosa of your life and for how much? Do let us know.