US Delivery App Glitch Sees Windfall Free Food And Drink Orders
Image Credit: Image: Shutterstock

Who wouldn’t like some free food! And if your delivery app helps you get that, nothing like it, isn’t it? Looks like DoorDash - that delivers food, beverages, and other essentials in the US - recently did just that. Thanks to a glitch, users went berserk ordering in food and other items. According to news reports, a sudden technical failure on the app on July 7 led hundreds of customers to place their food and alcohol orders for free.

A payment processing issue meant the app allowed people to add food, beverages and other items to their cart and check out without entering any authorised form of payment. The news went viral on social media in no time, and more and more people took the opportunity to order free food and expensive alcohol during the time. 

Social media was abuzz with people sharing their experiences through screenshots of their extravagant orders, the bills of which went up to thousands of dollars. Some bought huge amounts of chicken wings, fearing that the state might run out of them soon, while some stocked up on expensive contraceptive pills. From McDonald’s items to $1,000 tequila bottles, the app glitch made people order it all, and also attracted a whole lot of chatter on Twitter. 

“Y’all getting free food on DoorDash and ordering McDonald’s ?! y’all trippin”, wrote one user. Another user called out those who took advantage of the glitch but didn’t tip drivers for large orders. “So y’all got a Doordash glitch to where you can get anything you wanted for free and nobody thought to start tipping workers $1,000+??”, wrote the user. Take a look at some of the reactions here:

 Several Twitter users who placed orders during the technical snag are now also concerned that DoorDash might now extract the full prices of their purchases, and some say they woke up the day after the glitch to their accounts being charged.

Speaking about the issue, a DoorDash representative stated that the snag happened for a short period of time, when some users could checkout their orders without any payment. However, they immediately took the situation into consideration and subsequently cancelled fraudulent orders. They also apologised for the inconvenience caused.