US Ambassador Enjoys Bengali Meal At Delhi’s Banga Bhawan
Image Credit: Twitter/Eric Garcetti

If you haven’t been catching up with US Ambassador to India, Eric Garcetti’s recent food adventures across India, then you really should. From Delhi to Hyderabad to Mumbai, Garcetti has been visiting major metropolitan cities that are also known for their culinary cultures. What’s more, he has also been tasting dishes at the State Bhawans in the nation’s capital—and Banga Bhawan Bengali spread was the most recent one. 

In a post on Twitter, Garcetti is seen relishing a full Bengali traditional meal at Delhi’s Banga Bhawan, which has a restaurant that serves authentic Bengali food. The video shows Garcetti first talking about how Bengal is not only the land of Rabindranatha Tagore and Satyajit Ray, but also known for dishes like Phuchka, Jhalmuri and Maacher Jhol. He is then seen enjoying traditional Bengali dishes with a group of Bengalis who take him through the menu. 

In the video, Garcetti is seen relishing Paturi, a leaf-wrapped fish cooked in mustard paste. The platter he enjoyed also included Mishti Doi, Rosogolla, Banana Flower or Mocha Cutlets, Luchi, Basanti Pulao, Dal, Begun Bhaja and many more. “Nomoskar from Banga Bhawan in Delhi! From legendary macher paturi to sweetness overload mishti doi and roshogollas, today I experienced the flavors of Kolkata's culinary wonders,” Garcetti says in the post. “I must say, Indian food culture never ceases to amaze me. See you soon, Kolkata!” 

It is clear from the video that Garcetti was truly impressed by the Paturi. “The mustard-coated fish here is very unique,” he says in the video. “I mean it’s archetypal, defining Bengali dish, but it’s great. It wakes you up, it’s spicy, it’s tart, it’s pungent, but it’s also very rich.” At the end of the video, Garcetti expresses his love for all things Bengali and promises to visit Kolkata soon to taste more of the Bengali cuisine he so enjoyed at Banga Bhawan.