Urrak; Try This Goan Favourite On Your Next Visit Here
Image Credit: Dudhsagar Plantation and Farmstay

There is no dearth of indigenous liquor in our country and going by the same Urak or Urrak from Goa happens to be one such quintessential summer drink of the locals here. For the uninitiated there is more than Feni when we think about Goa and Urrak the popular cousin of Feni that is distilled from March to May the summer months, so that the Goans can drink urrak right through the summer. 

This Goa's Jungle Juice which is the local liquor that is brewed from ripe cashew apple is absolutely this hangover-free (try it to believe us) pairs best with some Limca and a dash of lime, rock salt and a green chili. Try it and thank us later.  This local favourite drink that is not much popular amongst tourist as to have this you need to have a local Goan friend. That’s the trick to get your hands on this drink. 

Urrak is known to have a much short shelf life. Most Goan families who own cashew estates brew this drink in their homes. Only available during summers, though few bottle this drink in glass bottles and refrigerate it. This drink is also known to keep colds and fever away for the rest of the year.  The locals are known to keep the ‘Jerry cans’ always ready to be transported from farm to ‘garafaon’ (glass canisters that were used in Portuguese era) back home. It's almost a ‘ritual’ to add the slit green chilli, some rock salt and wedges of lemon with some Limca to top-up for that perfect drink. 

This smooth cocktail is like a smooth luxury car drive, which only few experiences and enjoy. Made from fermented cashew apples this one sees a much strong aroma and a much pungent palatability (but that is different from Feni). This drink that is nothing less than a 'taste of summer', is absolutely smooth, but Goans surely warn you that don’t drink Urak and sit by the sea and sea and Urak happens to be a deadly combination. 

But those cant befriend a local in Goa, these are your hotspots like Banana Republic, Joseph Bar, Pinto Bar, Dudhsagar Plantation & Farmstay and more are such few places to try some the Urak while visiting this beach town. With new twist to the drink like kokum and Urak or some guava sacrum with fresh URak, this drink is yet to get its much-awaited celebratory status. 

Here’ the simple recipe of one of the most sought after and lesser-known cocktail in the world.

    Pour the urak in a whiskey glass. Fill it till half the glass. Fill it up with number of cubes. The more the merrier. 

    Pour Limca (make sure you not using any other lemony drink) upto the quarter of the glass or as per your level of sweetness.

    Then add a pinch of sea salt/ rock salt, you can also go for ordinary table salt.

    Then place a lemon wedge into the glass after a gentle squeeze.