Upgrade Your Gin & Tonic With These 6 Key Tips
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Gin and tonics are not only excellent due to their simplicity – after all, it only requires 2 ingredients to make, but it could also be due to the fact that they provide the perfect backdrop for experimentation. The refreshing cocktail, which uses the herbaceous notes of the gin and pairs it with sweet, fizzy tonic, can be spruced up to offer maximum flavour and enhance the drinking experience considerably.

Fresh Herbs 

Gin and herbs are naturally a match made in heaven. With the spirit’s innate juniper notes and the slight floral profile, elevating your G&T with some fresh herbs is a great way to upgrade the flavour of your cocktail. The spirits pair best with herbs like mint, rosemary, thyme and basil each of which have a distinct identity of their own. Gently bruise the herbs to help them release their oils and bring a vibrant burst of freshness to your drink.

Infused Ice

Flavour doesn’t always have to come from what you mix into your drink, maybe it could melt into it instead. Elevate the role of ice in your G&T by infusing it with lime juice or adding paper-thin cucumber slices to the ice cube mould before setting. As the cubes melt, they will release subtle flavours into the cocktail, enhancing its complexity.

Citrus Possibilities

While lime and lemon are the go-to garnishes and flavours for a G&T, you can have equally interesting results with almost any citrus fruit like oranges or grapefruit. The latter, with its vibrant and slightly bitter edge works well with a botanical forward gin. Blood oranges also add a visually striking addition with its deep red hues while mandarins add an innate sweetness that can be wonderful in the drink or even as a garnish.

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Use Bitters

Traditionally, bitters are a staple part of the bar kit but avoided in G&Ts because they’re naturally bitter. Nowadays you can get bitters in a wide range of flavours that range from floral to sweet to savoury and everything in-between. A few drops of a bespoke bitter can elevate the complexity of your cocktail or spotlight a hidden fruit kick.

Charred Fruit

For a sophisticated touch, char fruits such as lemons, limes, pineapple or grapefruit on a grill or using a brulée torch since the technique enhances the fruit’s natural flavours, adding depth and visual interest to your cocktail. The caramelisation process of the sugar releases oils from the rinds, heightening the aromatic sensory experience as you enjoy your drink.

Infused Alcohol

An interesting way to build flavour from the base up in a G&T is by infusing the alcohol itself. This can be done with any number of fruits or spices, and after a few weeks of resting in a cool dark place, you have your own flavoured gin. Alternatively, you can make a simple syrup and infuse that with herbs or spices for a handier tool to add flavour.