Love Gin? Here Are Some Of The Most Expensive Gins
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Gin, one of the world's most popular alcoholic beverages, was created in mediaeval Holland and became London's favourite drink by the 17th century. It is frequently consumed neat or on the rocks and is used in both complicated and straightforward cocktails. Gin is an affordable beverage that may be easily obtained because it is manufactured rapidly. There is one exception, though. Gin bottles can be found all around the world at exorbitant rates because of their scarcity and superior quality. If you're willing to shell out hundreds of dollars and travel abroad to find these pricey bottles, here is a list of the top gins for 2022.

Spring Gin Gentleman's Cut

The first three distillations of this Belgian gin solely used the grain bill; the fourth distillation also included 13 botanicals. The juniper and other essences are supported by a peppery, piney scent, and the gin's 48.8% alcohol by volume makes it a strong choice for mixing in drinks. Additionally, you won't feel too awful about blending it with mixers since a bottle costs just over $100.


There is no denying that the British produce excellent gin. Their London Dry Gin is delicious on the rocks, with lemon, in a martini, and in other ways. It is infused with silver birch, dandelion, elderberries, and more.

Nolet Reserve Dry Gin

You can trust that Nolet's, a family-owned Dutch distillery that dates back ten generations, knows how to make good gin. This gin, which has won numerous awards, also contains additional botanicals, but two, in particular, contribute to the flavour and cost of the drink: Carolus Nolet Sr. developed a blend that emphasises two distinctive botanicals: warm, spicy saffron and subtle, delicate verbena," according to the description of Nolet's Reserve Gin. Keep in mind that saffron is the priciest spice in the world.

The Cambridge Distillery Watenshi Gin

You'll have to keep looking if you want to find one because each distillation only yields six bottles of this gin. However, these bottles are worth the search and the cost because they contain a difficult-to-find spirit. According to the distiller's website, "Watenshi is the "angel's share" of our Japanese Gin, normally lost to evaporation but preserved using our pioneering distillation processes — which yields just 15ml of spirit per distillation." Gin collectors regard Watenshi as the absolute pinnacle of modern spirits production. This gin is figuratively the portion no one has ever tasted before, with "notes of sweet citrus and spice, backed by harsh juniper and an extraordinarily long, nuanced aftertaste.

Jam Jar Gin Morus LXIV

This absurdly pricey gin goes for £4,000, so depending on the USD/GBP conversion rate at the time this article was written, it may even cost a little bit more. Given that it is 64% ABV and that it is "distilled from the leaves of a single, old Mulberry tree a single batch of this superb cask-strength gin takes more than two years of diligent labour to produce," as stated on the distillery's website, a premium price seems understandable. Perhaps not quite to that degree, but of course, you purchase this "really bloody amazing" gin more for its reputation than for its taste.