Upgrade Your Classic G&T Cocktail With 7 Simple Hacks
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With only a handful of ingredients needed to make a classic G&T cocktail, they provide the perfect backdrop for experimentation – when it comes to enhancing their flavour. Giving your gin cocktail a stunning makeover takes not more than a few simple tweaks, to create something that is elevated than what’s usually expected. Here’s how you can incorporate these innovative hacks in order to amplify your drinking experience.

Infused Ice

Imagine a flavour, that could melt into your drink instead of being mixed in. Elevate the element of ice in your G & T by infusing it with slices of fruit or paper-thin cucumber slices to the ice cube mould. When the cubes melt, subtle flavours are released into the cocktail, enhancing its complexity. You could also freeze fruit juices into these moulds and add them in as a way of keeping your drink cool and also add flavour. Whether it's chunks of strawberries, delicate raspberries, or blueberries, the vibrant colours and slow release of berry flavours will deepen as you sip on your drink.

Fresh Herbs 

Truly a match made in heaven – the combination of gin’s innate juniper notes and its slight floral profile, pairs best with herbs like mint, rosemary, thyme and basil which each have a distinct identity of their own. Gently bruise the herbs to help them release their natural oils and bring a vibrant, pronounced flavour to your drink, while also infusing freshness.

Citrus Burst

While lime and lemon are the go-to flavour pairings for a G&T, you can have equally interesting results with almost any citrus fruit. For example, grapefruit – with its vibrant and slightly bitter edge works well with a botanical forward gin whereas blood oranges add a visually striking addition with its deep red tones. Mandarins too, add an innate sweetness that can be wonderful in the drink or even as garnish if its peel is twisted slightly.

The Bitter, The Better

While bitters are a traditional staple of the bar ki, they are usually avoided in G&Ts because of their naturally bitter notes. However, bitters are also available in a wide range of flavours that range from floral to sweet to astringent; hence, a few drops of an artisanal bitter can elevate the complexity of your cocktail or add some more depth.

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Infused Alcohol

Build flavour from the base up in a G&T by infusing the alcohol with a number of fruits or spices.  Rest in a cool dark place for a few weeks and you have your bottle of infused gin. Alternately, you could also make a simple syrup and infuse it with herbs or spices for a safer way to add flavour.

Hit Of Spice

Though G&Ts are typically fruitier in taste, a savoury kick would greatly highlight its flavours. Using chilli to experiment with non-traditional flavours in your cocktail can be done by muddling jalapenos into the drink or using them as a garnish for a milder kick of heat. Additionally, rimming your glass with some hot honey provides a mix of sweet and spicy warmth.

Bruléd Fruit 

Charring fruits like lemons, pineapple or grapefruit on a grill or with a crème brulée torch adds a touch of smokiness while also caramelising the natural sugars in the fruit. The process also releases oils from the rind, heightening the aromatic experience as you enjoy your drink, while also adding a more pronounced flavour of the fruit to your cocktail.